Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The flu and cycle update

I'm posting quickly while I am able to sit at the computer. My fever rose to 103.2 today and I was feeling pretty horrible. I just was able to shower so that really helped to lower it into a normal range and I'm feeling a lot better. I'm still really sick and I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse. I really don't want to have to go to the doctor tomorrow because I know there's really nothing they can do.

My doctor's office called with my peak +9 results today. Progesterone was 18.8 and estradiol was 340. That means both rose from peak +7, when progesterone was 14.6 and estradiol was 265. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it wasn't peak +7 and 9 after all. Maybe peak +9 was really peak +7 or 8. Or, here's a question - is the fact that progesterone peaks on peak +7 true for everyone or is it just a general guide?

My doctor tells me to consider my peak day as the day I get the trigger shot, despite the fact that I have increasingly good mucus for a day or two after. I know that's not how Creighton does it (and she is a NaPro doc), but when the ultrasound shows evidence that ovulation has already occurred and you get a trigger shot one day, why would ovulation happen the next day?

I know that, according to Creighton, you can ovulate a couple days before or after your peak day. But consider that on cycle day 13, the day I got the trigger shot, my mucus was already considered hostile! My doctor told me that it was probably good quality on cycle day 12.

So let me summarize:

*Sperm was dead in the mucus on day 13 and 14, doctor thinks we missed my peak
*Due to process of elimination, doctor thinks day 12 was possibly when I had the best quality mucus (since it killed the sperm on day 13 and 14. Of course, I may just have hostile mucus all the time). I didn't come in for an ultrasound until day 13, though, so we'll never know
*An ultrasound on day 13 showed tons of fluid, which my doctor said was evidence of ovulation; right ovary wasn't located
*Had trigger shot on day 13
*Charted last day of peak-type mucus on day 14 (and it was the best quality all cycle - 10KL - despite the fact that under a microscope it appeared poor quality)
*Progesterone was kind of low (for me) seven days after I got the shot; progesterone and estradiol both rose between peak +7 and 9

Is it just me, or is none of that adding up?

Oh, and I had a single drop of bright red blood on peak +11. Last month I had the same single drop on peak +13 and started my period two days later. If that pattern holds true, I should start a new cycle tomorrow. Could that be evidence of something? I just don't understand how it could just be regular spotting. It's not brown and it happens one time, two days before my period.

I just want to get to the bottom of what is out of sync here, because clearly something is. Or am I just over-analyzing?

Thanks for humoring me by reading this. I'm sure I'm the only one mildly interested in all these details!

Alright, I need to go lay down! My advil is going to wear off in a little bit so I'll probably be on the couch shivering soon. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


  1. I'm so sorry that you're so sick! You were very smart to make muffins for yourself on the weekend!

    Sorry that I don't have any cycle advice, my brain has gone all mushy!

  2. I'm so sorry you are so sick.

    I don't know if everyone's hormones always peak at P+7 (hopefully TCIE can tell us). However, all the weirdness with your numbers and u/s and everything definitely seems to point to things being out of sync. I hope that whatever it is was either just a fluke or can be figured out soon. The thing is you've talked about how your signs don't seem to line on regularly during cycles, so it probably is a issue that needs to be investigated.

  3. MrsBlondies - Exactly.. I just need a doctor to sit down and look at everything and investigate it. I'm lucky if my doctor spends ten minutes with me and she never looks at my specific situation. And anytime I ask her about it she either brushes it off or says there is no way to fix it.

    Anyone know if Dr. Steg.man is the type of doctor who will try to figure this out?

  4. yeah, something seems off. If I were you I would make them sit down and talk through the timing of all these different things in your cycle.

    As for the blood, it could be your cervix. Most of the time your cervix will start to dilate a bit right before your period. If it gets irritated in any way during this time, you can bleed a small bit. Just my rambling thoughts.

    But in all seriousness, I would make an appointment with a doctor who will listen regarding the timing of things in your cycle. I know it isn't in your nature, but be pushy, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  5. oh, and I'm sorry you are sick! That totally sucks!!! Prayers that you feel better soon.

  6. Ugh, so sorry that you've got the full blown flu. I'm saying my prayers that it stays away! A bunch of my students have had it, and many teachers as well. No fun! Hopefully you can get rid of it quickly. How is Ryan feeling?

    About your cycles, I am totally clueless. I can't understand mine either. I'm so confused! I'm tempted to make an apointment with Dr. S as well!

  7. I hope you feel better soon! The flu is no fun. I agree with Red that the spotting is likely your cervix becoming "friable" before your period.

  8. I agree - those things don't all seem to make sense. (I'm not sure I can even follow all the conflicting indicators.) What I would say, though, is now your doctor has figured out the timing a little better and you can take your trigger shot a little better-timed and it will all add up NEXT cycle. (Clearly, our bodies need to practice to get these things right.)

    I hope you feel better soon! 103 is way too high!

  9. TOTAL guess here, it could be completely off, but maybe the trigger shot forced out another ovulation, after you had already had 1. (LH won't peak again after the progesterone of an ovulation takes over... but the shot is just like LH in make-up.) That would explain why the peak reading (and yes, most people will get a peak of progesterone at 7dpo, not necessarily P+7, but 7dpo) was less than P+9. P+9 could have been your 7dp2nd0. But since you had had 1 O already, the mucus could have been responding to that progesterone and became hostile.

  10. Oh, and Dr Steg.man will TOTALLY be the type of Dr who will want to figure it out!! He loves a challenge, and he's 1 of the most brilliant men I've ever met. Seriously.

  11. I hope you're feeling better! Also hope you can get an appt with the other doc, who seems like he'll spend more time with you!

  12. I hope you get better soon! Right away!

    I also hope that Dr. S can help you figure out a game plan to understand what is happening. Always praying!