Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cycle stuff - updated

Just when I thought it might be a slightly normal cycle, now I am starting to wonder.

I shouldn't get ahead of myself before I see how it plays out, but I could've sworn I ovulated yesterday (pretty bad pain for about half an hour radiating throughout my lower abdomen, along with 10KL throughout the day), but my ovulation predictor pee-stick was negative both yesterday and today.

If I'm going to include all non-Creighton forms of charting then I should also point my temperature is still low.

The last unmedicated cycle I had, which was over the summer, looked more normal than my medicated ones, and this cycle was shaping up the same way. I even had four dry day with four green stickers which is very unusual for me. I usually go straight from red stickers to white.

Okay, I can admit I might be overreacting - I just looked at my chart and today is only cycle day 13. I guess I had gotten used to the idea that I was getting the trigger shot (possibly late according to my doctor) on cycle day 13 the past couple cycles. How quickly I forget, though - just a few short months ago cycle day 18 was the norm for my peak day.

So hopefully I'll have a positive OPK tomorrow and ovulate around cycle day 14 or 15. That would be pretty good.

But what about the bad pain yesterday? Is that normal if you are not ovulating at that very moment? I just worry that the timing is off and this might be further evidence of that.

I'm also waiting on pins and needles to hear what Ryan's SA results are. They were supposed to be in yesterday and weren't. I'm going to ask for a plan of action in either case - if they're normal, then I want to be tested (since my mucus appeared to kill the sperm last month), and if they're low, then obviously we need to look into that further or put him on something.

I'll update this post with any results I (hopefully) get today.

No matter what happens, I can honestly say that I am okay with whatever way God decides to grow our family. I really am. I might post about the minutia of my cycle, but honestly it's just a distraction from the adoption wait. And yet the adoption stuff started out as a distraction from trying to conceive. They are now equal in my mind (and, right now at least, equally allusive) and for that I am truly thankful.

Update: So no SA results yet, but my doctor's office did call to say they are going to call in a prescription for Prometrium (this is because the Endometrin wasn't covered by my insurance last cycle). But here's my question: there is usually a two day difference between when I get a positive OPK and when I chart my peak day according to Creighton (based on mucus). So which day should I base my peak day on for starting the progesterone? I'm supposed to start it on peak +2. The nurse told me to go by the positive OPK since, in my case, it comes first. Any thoughts?


  1. That's great that you are equally open to however God choses to grow your family. It would be great if you don't need the meds for ovulation induction. It's possible that the meds could have been what cause your hostile mucus. I hope Ryan's results are in soon.

  2. Ugh, waiting for SA results is the pits. For our 1st one, DH was sooooo scared that there was a problem, it was his 1st breakdown. He couldn't come to the hospital to welcome our friend's 2nd baby with me.

    I'll keep you both in my prayers. I know a thing or 2 about having TTC be an adoption distraction, and vice versa!

  3. While you are doing all these different methods, just cover your basis whenever any one (in this case your charting) shows a potential OV.

    W/ the PCOS and my inability to OV very often, I've done this research method of combining charting, ov predictor kits, clearblue easy monitor, saliva ferning (complete waste IMO), charting, etc to see which ones would best show my OV. I felt like a mad scientist. A defective one.

    I know you're anxious to get the SA results. I assume It's kind of a double edged sword. You would not want there to be anything wrong as you have enough to deal with, but if there is and it is something that could be treated, it gives you something new to work on.

  4. My doctor has always told me to base the Prometrium start on the OPK or Clear Blue Easy Monitor - whichever one I'm using that cycle. That's a little bit more quantifiable.

    Waiting for SA results is THE PITS! I'd say if you haven't heard soon put a call in to the doctor - but be aware that they might not give you the results. My DH was in bed with pneumonia (got sick right after the SA) when I needed to call and get his results and they wouldn't give them to me because it was his test and the darn HIIPA laws and such....

    Good luck!

  5. That's what I would do too (the nurse's advice). Good luck this round!

  6. I would go with whichever indicates the latter day as your peak day. Because the prometrium isn't going to matter really all that much whether it is started a day or two late ... But it COULD potentially interfere with an ovulation, so you might want to play it safe or be conservative.

  7. From what you've written I don't get the nurse telling you to use the positive OPK rather than your peak. I'm going to send you an e-mail with a link that can helps to explain why you SHOULD have a positive OPK a day or 2 before your peak.

  8. Living advent, can I get the link as well?

  9. I agree with Life Hopes and Living Advent. Taking the prometrium too early can prevent you from rupturing the egg.

    A + OPK is detecting an LH surge. This surge happens between 24-36 hrs BEFORE you ovulate (I think even the back of the OPK boxes say this.) It does not mean that when you get a +, you are ovulating right then and there.

  10. I have similar questions about when to start my prometrium. Of course, I also question what DAY I am even supposed to start it since I've had conflicting information on that, but oh well. I am going to with P+2, since that is what they told you.
    Anyway, could you (or Living Advent) post or send me the link? Because my peak and my OPK and my temperature shift are all different ... but it doesn't seem to go in the right order (peak mucus, then OPK, then temperature shift ... but I need that mucus AFTER the OPK, right?)

    Also, with regards to the ovulation-like pain. I have been having some of that, not around what I think is ovulation time too! I am confused what it could be. For instance, I had pain on both sides yesterday, but I am day 10 and no decent mucus, so I think not ovulating yet.

  11. Oh, and don't feel bad about recommending "T". I was grateful for the recommendation, and we were both just doing what seemed the best at the time!

  12. I bookmarked your blog, hope you don't mind. I commented a while back. For some reason, I feel really compelled to help you. I read that your husband's SA was normal and if you are ovulating, then in a perfect world you should be able to get pregnant.

    Clomid is bad bad when you use it too much, it's a fact. It's not recommended to be used more than 6 times. It is an anti estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that makes your uterine lining nice and thick. If you don't have estrogen, you have a thin thin lining which means no lining for egg to implant and no lining to shed at the end of a cycle (hence the lighter cycles). YES, clomid CAN cause hostile mucus and kill sperm on contact. And the sperm it doesn't kill will have no way to travel to the uterus to meet the egg because they need nice fertile mucus to travel in. No fertile mucus=hostile mucus=not good.

    I take Prometrium. My RE's have always told me to start taking it 2-3 days after ovulation (or temp rise) but it can be taken the night of a temp rise. Any sooner than that can harm the ovulation process. I use it as a suppository right before bed 100mg and in the morning 100mg. If you take too much by mouth, oh my gosh, it causes so much dizziness and sleepiness! Some people take 400mg a day and it's better to do it as a vag. suppository 2x a day no matter the dosage.

    I don't know if you read my last message but Clomid messed my reproductive system up so much because I took it for way too long. My doctor didn't want to give up and accept defeat before referring me to someone who could help better. He finally did and I got pregnant the first cycle of injectible meds (Gonal-F). There were no side effects like clomid.

    And just to be positive about things, not to make you feel bad, not my intentions, but my first cycle of Gonal-F this past month, we conceived (3.5 months after losing my daughter). I never looked back with Clomid. I have 3 Gonal-F babies (one is in heaven) after wasting my time for so long.

    Just know there are other options! I just hate to see someone who obviously is such a good person and who desperately wants to be a mommy go through all this! I was part of a pre-conception message board and we always said that Clomid was "evil". Works for a lot of people, but if not within the first 3 months, then it probably won't.

    I wish you tons of luck! God will bless you with a child. I know he will! But in the meantime, quit the Clomid!! Sorry to go on and on but no good doctor would let someone do more than 3 cycles without considering that it may not work. It just drives me crazy when doctors misinform patients....be your own advocate, do your own research, suggest things to your doctor. If they don't want to listen, find another if possible. If the doctor isn't a specialist then they don't have the specialized training to deal with the type of infertility you have!!! I am offering again for you to email me if you have any questions. I've been through this so many times for so long.