Sunday, November 16, 2008

A project, an update, and a cool offer

I know, nice title. In case you couldn't guess, it's kind of a hodge podge today, so here goes...

I've been working on an apron for a while now. Actually, I've been walking by the fabric that I had laid out on our guest bed for nearly a month, deciding which combination to use. I'm not exactly a good decision maker. Making the apron was actually the easy part and I'm happy with the result:

I sort of modeled it after one I saw at Anthropologie, my favorite store I can't shop at. I wish it was mine, but it's actually going in a box and being shipped to NY for my mother tomorrow. It's for her birthday, for which I am now only two months and one week over due. 

Oh, and there's our black kitty, Jasper, on the table in the picture. She's also rubbing her head on my face and walking across my hands as I type this, so she must know I'm talking about her.


So I've been feeling pretty well lately, and it must be hormone related because I never feel well for no good reason. Is that even possible? I'll take it though. I'm on cycle day 13, and today is my fourth day of mucus. So far, so good.

When I say I've been feeling good, I mean emotionally. Physically, I've been having pain on both sides, where I imagine my ovaries to be. Not bad, but it's there. Ovulation should be coming soon, so I'm hoping that's what it's all about.


Lately I've been spending some time helping my sister look for bridesmaids dresses, online for now since she lives in CA (oh, and did I mention they've moved the wedding up to this July?). In my searching, I came across this (WAIT! Before clicking on the link, you need these instructions: scroll all the way down, look at the middle row and count seven up from the bottom. You can also click on the picture to make it larger).

Yes, that is yours truly and my beautiful wedding party (well, mostly-beautiful wedding party...just kidding). I forgot that I sent it in, and didn't think it'd be up there four years later! Anyways, I got a kick out of finding it. 

So do any of you have little-known-but-awesome bridesmaids dress designers you want to share with me? Something off the beaten path, not found in every single bridal shop? Not that our dresses can't be your average type, but those I don't need your help with. 


Now for the cool offer...

I've mentioned St. Gianna on here before, and if you've ever checked out Shannon's blog then I'm sure you've heard of her as well. If you live anywhere near the shrine in Warminster, PA, and have ever thought about visiting, I highly recommend it. It's a small shrine, but so very powerful, and they have relics of hers - pairs of gloves that she wore. You can hold the gloves and even touch them to your stomach (or, should I say, in the vicinity of your womb, but you know what I mean). 

If you'd like to read more about her life and her path to sainthood, click here (and once there, check out the sub-menu on the left. There's a ton of information there). 

Even though St. Gianna isn't officially considered a patron saint of infertility, I feel like infertile women are drawn to her and have kind of taken her on as their own. And while St. Gianna didn't experience infertility in the way that I do, she did miscarry twice. She's also a great pro-life saint, since she made the extremely difficult choice of losing her own life in order to save the life of the child in her womb. Is there a better example of laying down your life for another? 

And if you can't make it to the shrine, Angela, who is on the shrine committee and is a sweetheart, has offered to send blessed prayer cards and medals - that been have touched St. Gianna's relic gloves - to anyone who would like them. If you're interested, you can email her at 

Isn't that so nice of her? Thanks, Angela!


  1. Your apron is gorgeous! I love it! Plus the way you decorated your house is so cozy, I love it!!! You look so great in your apron it makes me want to make myself one and cook~ Well maybe not anytime soon!

    I went to St. Gianna shrine, because my mom doesn't live to far from there. That is a great offer, I need to blog about my experience and my dream I had when I started the novena to her! It was so encouraging!

  2. there's so much to comment about!
    First of all, i LOVE your apron. One of my goals when I graduate is to take up sewing. You MUST give me the pattern! I so want an apron...and modeled after anthropologie! yay!
    ok, and your house is amazing!!! just my style... I agree with sew infertile... you have quite the taste! You look gorgeous too!

    And yay about the Shrine... I need to reconsider GIanna's patience with her vocation... she waited awhile for her wonderful husband!
    Great post, lady!

  3. I'm impressed! I bought a sewing machine on Memorial Day . . . which is now six months ago . . . and I have yet to use it! I'm so glad you're feeling good!

  4. Thank you! I love the apron, it's very cute and the combo is perfect. I am hoping my husband gets me a sewing machine for Christmas bc I can't wait to make aprons, curtains etc.

  5. I've been meaning to make it to the St. Gianna shrine for some time now... maybe this winter.

    Love the apron!

    As for bridesmaids dresses, I couldn't have been happier with the place I found. It's online, they carry all the major bridal designers, and it is VERY economical! They actually don't carry any inventory, (there's no actual "salon") so that's how she keeps her prices down. But VERY professional and awesome stuff all the same. You get it shipped to the bride, or to each bridesmaid.

    Here's the link:

    And there's a pic of my bridesmaids on this page:
    (Although I'm not of Cohasset, MA... no idea how she got that!- Oh, and that story is about my ex-bff. Just one of the lovely things she did before/around/on my wedding.)

  6. Only recently have I been introduced to St. Gianna, but I kep randomly finding information about her at work. Than one of my close friends adopted a beautiful little girl born on my Anniversary and she named the little girl Gianna. Since then, I have continue to ask her intercession, not only for my infertility, but for all pregnant women I know and even little ones who are suffering. I would love to write to Angela and not only request a prayer card or metal not only for myself, but to give one to Gianna. Here is the miraculous story about Gianna - her mom discoved St. Gianna earlier this year and prayer for her intercession and then ordered some prayer cards online. When she receied them in the mail, they were several months late and she forgot that she even ordered them, and when she opened them, the little girl that St. Gianna in holidng in picture in the prayer card looks identical to baby Gianna. It just confirmed for my dear friend that God was guiding their path and that Gianna was meant for their family. They adopted her 9 months to the day of turning in their profile scapebook and proclaiming to the world that they were "officially expecting!!" God is so good! Good luck with your next home study!
    By the way, I love the apron. I just bought a sewing machine and I am just doing simple things right now. Maybe I will be able to do an apron in the future, too!

  7. You're a great seamstress! Sewing is something I'd like to learn someday. Thanks for posting the e-mail address. That made me think of this news story I heard last year:'%20target=

  8. LOVE the apron!

    AND the kitchen!!!

    You need to sell those! I would totally order one in that exact pattern. Seriously!! Can you make more???

  9. Your apron is darling! And I love your dining room too. Beautiful wedding picture!

  10. You look adorable in your picture!

    I wish I could sew! I was just thinking that over the weekend too. I've never really tried. Maybe I have some hidden sewing talents locked up deep inside waiting to jump out.

    P.S. Thanks for the reminder. I have been a little lazy on the posts recently.

  11. I love the apron! Great job! I've been wanting a new apron. You have inspired me to sew my own.

  12. I love your apron!! I wish I were so crafty :) Also, I want to say thank you for the answer to my comment on your blog. It is very helpful to hear your side of the story since you have been through all of this and come out with great results. I appreciate it- you keep me motivated!

  13. I love your apron! It is so pretty and feminine. You are so talented!


    I read recently the following testimony in the February 2007 newsletter from "The Society of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla" with great interest:

    "My daughter and her husband had much difficulty geting pregnant. One doctor told her it was almost impossible for her to conceive. Our parish priest touched corded rosaries to St. Gianna's gloves. My husband prayed the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet with it everyday. Well, my daughter just gave birth to a beautiful girl on October 5. They named her Emily Gianna."

    -Susan, Michigan


    My question is this: would anybody like to join me in praying the rosary, divine mercy chaplet and the St. Gianna novena for the graces we need to be good and holy Catholic wives and mothers and for the grace of motherhood (especially for those of us who are having a difficult time being able to concieve, have conditions such as unexplained infertility, pcos, endometriosis, and secondary infertility, for those who can concieve and would love to have another baby, and for those newly pregnant ect? I just started praying this yesterday. I believe our prayers will be even more powerful if we pray the rosary, divine mercy chaplet, and the St. Gianna novena as a group.

    What do you think?

    Would anybody like to join in?

    Here's the novena prayer:

    God, our Father, you have granted to your church the gift of Gianna Beretta Molla. In her youth she lovingly sought you and drew other people to you, involving them, through apostolic witness and Catholic Action, in the care of the sick and aged, to help and comfort them. We thank you for the gift of this young woman, so deeply committed to you.

    Through her example, grant us the grace to consecrate our life to your servce, for the joy of our brothers and sisters. May we become generous Christians at the service of our brothers and sisters, especially those with whom you design to share your Cross. We beg you to grant to our families the serene and Christian presence of mothers committed to transform their families into cenacles of faith and love, rich with generous activity and santifying service.

    Grant us the grace we seek...and the joy to find an isnpiration in Saint Gianna who, as a model spouse and mother, after the example of Christ, gave up her life for the life of others.

    We offer this Novena for the sanctity of all life and for the intentions of all those who are praying with us.

    One Our Father
    One Hail Mary
    One Glory Be


    Let me know and thank you to everyone willing to pray this!
    We really do appreciate it!

    My email is:

    May God Bless you.

  14. Beautiful apron!!! :)
    The last time i sowed something was in grade 6 in home education class, it was an apron that ended up turning in to a wash cloth!!!
    Love the material and design!! Very very pretty.