Monday, November 3, 2008

Better emotionally, but not physically

I'm feeling a little better. Thank you all so much for your prayers yesterday. I think it really made a big difference.

While my mood was improving, though, I was starting to feel sick once again. Last night I came down with some pretty bad lower gastro-intestinal upset. It came on all of a sudden and felt as if water was gushing through my body, and sounded like it too! Luckily it didn't end up lasting very long at all, and while I felt nauseous, I didn't throw up. It was bad enough, though, that I called and woke my mother up at midnight (am I really 31-years old? In my defense, my husband was at work and it was really bad!).

The weird thing is I've hardly been eating since I was sick last week. I ate only soup for like four days, and since that's been gone I've really only been eating english muffins. They're all that's tasted good to me. So yesterday I'd eaten an english muffin and a few wheat crackers with some low-fat dip I made my husband around one p.m., and then nothing else but a little bit of no-sugar-added light ice cream at nine. The sick feeling started a couple hours later, around eleven. Perhaps I'm suddenly lactose intolerant? I've never had that problem before.

The good news is I have made it to twelve days past ovulation. So if the cycle ends today, I'm in the clear for my "regular" length (my past three luteal phases have been eleven days). I just didn't want it to be shorter. I'm not spotting yet, so perhaps it could even hold off until tomorrow. And my temp is still up - it was 98.6 this morning (although as I've posted before, my temp usually doesn't drop until the day after I get my period).

I kind of feel like it's coming, based on the sensation in my legs I always get, which I had yesterday. That's the only sign so far, though. I also think I'm going to take it easy with food again today. Last night wasn't fun and I don't feel entirely out of the woods just yet.

By the way, check this out and consider taking part, even if you prefer praying from home. I think it's a great idea!


  1. Still holding on to hope for you. :) I hope you feel better, physically, either way.

  2. The weird stomach issues sound early pregnancy-ish to me, but then again what do I know?

    And yes you are right - getting to an 11 day luteal phase with no spotting is something to be thankful for, also. It must mean your reproductive system is still catching up to your new body!

  3. I'm still holding out hope, too. I didn't know you got the leg thing, too! So do I. I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky, but 11 days with no spotting (and still high temp) is a great sign that things are improving!

  4. OH YUCK!! So sorry for the tummy issues...I'm trying to remember, do you take Met?? The ice cream & met could have caused the tummy problems... just an idea.

    Continuing to lift you up in prayer...


  5. Meridith - I do take met, but I've eaten ice cream nearly every single day on it (yes, I have a problem!) and never had a single stomach issue. I'm very lucky when it comes to the met.

    Thanks for the prayers!

  6. I'm hoping and praying for you!!

  7. I have to admit I would already have been peeing on the stickS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The suspense is killing me! BTW- I do hope you feel better! :)