Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun with chart pictures!

I've been a little bit down the past twelve hours or so. Not really bad, just feeling a little bit sorry for myself. So I am posting photographs of my charts so you can all tell me how great my recent cycle looks and cheer me up. Just honest.

Here's my most recent chart:

Obviously, my last cycle is the fourth one. Other than possibly a few too many mucus days (white stickers) it looks pretty good. Now compare it to previous cycles (you can click on it to make it bigger and easier to read). Even the cycle right before it was a lot worse, and the first one on this chart was pretty weird. My doctor thought these were still good, though, and a clear indication that my hormones were correcting themselves and getting on the right track.

Now look at my chart from the first part of this year:

All these cycles are post surgery, and the first three are before I started seeing my new doctor. Here's where it gets interesting (really? you're wondering). I started my diet at the beginning of the fourth cycle - and there is a CLEAR difference starting with that one, right? And I started the metformin during the last cycle on this chart. So the positive changes stared happening with diet alone! (Although I love you too, metformin, and if I get pregnant soon I will name my first-born after you.*)

So if any of you have any insight, I'd love to hear it. I just hope I am not reading too much into my lack of spotting this cycle and what seems, to me at least, to appear "normal." 

Last night when I was starting to get down, I tried to imagine what my doctor would say if I showed him my recent cycle right now. If I asked him, hesitantly, "do you think that looks good?" I KNOW he would say "Are you kidding? Of course! That looks awesome!" (He gets really pumped up by things like this). So that helped to get rid of my doubt (weird, I know, but whatever works).

I should hear about my progesterone test from last week any day now, so I will update if I find out today. Oh, and Sophie is getting groomed right now, so I will post a picture of her being all bootiful later as well. 

*Please don't hold me to this. I didn't exactly run it by the mister.


  1. I think Met would be such a cute name! Met, Metty, Mett WOW! Your chart looks amazing. I can barely chart myself, don't talk to TCIE! :) She will tell you I like to write little books in my 1/4 inch square blocks about every little symptom I have. :) But it looks more consistent. They look like beautiful charts!

  2. Oh yes and about the apron! I had to stop making mine because I got stuck on how to read the pattern! It makes no sense to me! So I understand the whole trying to tackle just getting started! :)

  3. Lol, I was talking with someone the other day about how unfortunately pretty the name "Chlamydia" would be, for a girl!!! So Met isn't looking too bad now, is it?

    As for your chart, look at that!! No spotting last cycle, looks almost like one of those sample perfect charts in the Picture Dictionary that we use to go over system instructions!! Woo hoo lady!

    When have you last had a follow-up? I'm wondering why you're not using yellow stamps for continuous mucus? Have you ever done the essential sameness question? Obviously for charts like yours (more than 8 days of mucus), it is helpful for couples trying to AVOID pg to know which mucus days are part of their base infertile pattern, so that they don't have to avoid "I" the entire pre-peak phase. But for TTC couples, it's also psychologically upsetting to see so many "fertile" white baby stamp days, when in reality they are not (and cannot) be fertile for 2 wks straight, kwim? I'd ask your practitioner if you can start the ESQ.

    Don't get me wrong, though, your chart does look fantastic, and has definately come a long way!

  4. OKay sorry for posting like crazy! But I must say that I am relieved to see your chart because of the "I" I thought maybe my husband and I were not normal because we only have "I" when I start seeing fertile mucus. Tell us to abstain and it is no problem! We don't even have to discuss it because its not an issue. I really think unfortuantely we have be conditioned by our IF. :) So my constant posting proves I am a lurker and very slow at work!!!! hahahaha

  5. TCIE - I'm confused.. when should I have used yellow stamps? Do you think I didn't really ovulate on the last white stamp day (day 18)? I thought yellow stamps were for after ovulation.

    I haven't had a follow-up since I moved a year ago. I guess I should probably call my teacher!

  6. Metformin wouldn't be as crazy as some of the names my mom has heard at work actually. LOL!! She is a neonatal respiratory therapist and has seen mothers who have named their babies Vagina or Clitoris. The hospital had to have someone come down and try to talk the mothers out of it. I couldn't believe it. Who would name their kid that??

    Great job on the charts! You have a lot more patience than I have. :)

  7. Hey! "Chlamydia" is looking better all the time!! Just remember, though, I called it!

  8. It's so cool that you posted this... I compared it to my chart and at first glance it looked the same, but then I payed attention to the details and realized my periods are usually much lighter and i have VVL for two to three days after my AF. i don't have any spotting during my cycle unless the spotting that i note at the beginning of the next should be at the end of the previous cycle?? ( i'm going to call my practitioner) In terms of post peak mine are short too. only thing making them long at this point are my HCG injections...
    Your post made me look at my last 8 months (i can't believe it's been 8 months!!!) of charting and i could see how the treatments did change my cycle it's soo interesting. I have more mucus then in the beginning thanks to the "mucus pill" I tell my husband that my mucus pill will protect his little ones but that it doesn't even matter because if it does reach my egg at the right time my tubes will come and block them!!! LOL honestly all i can do right now is laugh about it!!

    anyway now i've posted way too much sorry!! Thanks for posting this because it's made me see the improvements on my cycle...sometimes i just want give up...i still can't get used to wiping so much i don't want to wipe but then if i don't i feel guilty and honestly thinking about it i'd wipe the rest of my life if it meant having children!!
    okay enough i've commented way too much!!

  9. BTW that's so funny Metformin!!! LOL
    I think may use Napro :) or Napra for girl!!!

  10. Ha ha that last comment was pretty funny.

    Your charts are proof that you are making progress. Even though you haven't conceived yet, you're getting there!

    I wish it just didn't take so darn long but that we have no control over.