Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No results today

I STILL haven't gotten my test result from PPVI yet. So this keeps dragging out. I need to be put out of my misery and begin to focus on a new cycle!

But my heart stopped for a moment this morning when I got a call from the local lab I used yesterday. The woman told me I needed to come in and get a second blood draw. Well, the only reason PPVI needed a second vial of blood was if the pregnancy test was positive, so they could do more testing. The two vials were supposed to be drawn at the same time, but the lab technician didn't realize this. So in my mind I immediately came up with this scenario: they called or faxed PPVI with the results this morning (or PPVI received the fax this morning since they were closed yesterday), it was positive, PPVI asked for the second vial, and that's when they realized they never got it. In my mind I'm thinking if the lab was going to realize on their own that they forgot, then they would have realized yesterday. Well, that wasn't the case. I called the lab back (just trying to see if they knew the results of the initial test) and they said they hadn't even run the first test yet! Ugh! So I told them the only reason PPVI needed two vials was because the nurse didn't want me to have to go back in and get pricked again, so this was defeating the purpose and I'd come back if the first test is positive. But for about five minutes I really thought there was a chance. (Sorry, that was probably a boring story with too much detail.)

So now I'm on day 33, still no new cycle, still no PMS symptoms, no spotting today, and some cramping.

It was a bad day today, though, because I had to get four fillings. I was a wreck, shaking uncontrollably the entire time, and I even had tears running down my face as the dentist was drilling. The poor hygienest had to wipe my eyes. It was embarrassing. I didn't feel any pain, thank God! And the good news is they x-rayed the recently filled tooth that is giving me pain and nothing showed up, so the dentist thinks the pain will go away (phew! I was NOT going to take having to get a root canal very well). I started to have major pain when the novacaine began to wear off this afternoon, so I've been taking motrin all day and it's been rough. I slept a couple hours just so I didn't have to be awake and be in pain.

Hopefully I'll have definitive news tomorrow. I really want to know what this spotting and cramping may mean, so hopefully I'll get up the nerve to ask the nurse.


  1. I hope you have good news today or at least some answers. It's frustrating that nothing is ever easy in the infertility process. Don't give up hope though, maybe you ovulated late in your cycle. I have read that some people spot with ovulation, otherwise I wish I had more information....

  2. I am so sorry your dentist experience was bad.

    You are a strong woman!
    Way to stick it out and get those teeth all fixed up!!! It will be good to have all of that behind you before your BFP.

    I really want answers for you, soon. Praying for you!

  3. I am confused - what are they testing your blood for?

    Is it pregnancy? And you are saying the second vial is only if you test positive?

  4. Good for you for getting those fillings done! It sounds like it was awful and scary, but you did it anyway, which proves how strong you are.

    I'm praying for results, and soon! I can't believe it's taking so long!

  5. Lifehopes - the first vial was to test for pregnancy, but PPVI wanted to get a second vial in case the pregnancy test was positive, so they could do whatever tests they do on newly pregnant women.