Monday, March 3, 2008

Some good news finally

After my super bad luck with labs a week and a half ago, I finally contacted two labs today that were appearing to be my last hopes. I had actually put off calling them for a week because I was afraid they'd say no! But they didn't! Well, one of them (the one actually located in Richmond) was more like a maybe. They said I need to get the kit from PPVI and bring it in for them to see if they can use it, or something like that. The other lab is in northern VA, about two hours from me, and they simply said yes! I hope it's not too good to be true. I heard about this lab from someone who read my post and was nice enough to have her sister-in-law, who had to have blood drawn and shipped to PPVI, email me about where she had hers done. So what I'll probably do is take the kit to the Richmond lab as soon as I get it, and if they say no, then I'll just go to the second lab when the day comes. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for this!

I also momentarily lost my chart last night, but I found it today. See, I basically chart on a scrap piece of paper and keep it in a ratty folder that was given to me by my Creighton teacher a year and a half ago. I never have actual charts because she lives eight hours away and we only talk once every other month. She just sent me one a month ago, but I was actually two charts behind so I'm back to my scraps of paper. Not the best system. But I found it so all is good.

I also have to admit that I haven't picked up my new prescription from PPVI yet. Why?! I guess if I have to look deep within myself I would say I'm nervous about taking it, since I've heard it has serious side effects (I know nearly every medication does though). But maybe deep, deep down I'm avoiding it for the same reason I didn't call the labs until today - because I'm nervous it might not work. Maybe I'd rather have another failed cycle where I can say, 'well at least I haven't started any medication yet!' I know that's silly. It's not like this is the only medication I'll ever take either. Maybe I haven't picked it up yet simply because I'm too lazy to drive there.


  1. I'm so glad you found a lab that will cooperate! I've been spoiled by my doctor's office here, and when I had to have blood drawn when I was at my parents' house over Christmas, I was surprised that some labs just weren't helpful.

    I hope that everything works out with the prescription! I know the feeling you're talking about--the what-if-this-fails-too feeling. I'm praying for you!

  2. I really hope all goes well for you!

    I'm planning to start on clomid and/or IUI if my current cycle fails.....I got an inkling I may not do it when the times come simply because, you are so right - that I will rather endure through yet another failed cycle than to hv tried something new and it didn't work out...

    Take care and good luck!

  3. For us this cycle will be the exact opposite. We are going to be doing the lab work-up so no drugs whatsoever. No progesterone even.

    I guess that is depressing to me since I feel like I need something, we just don't know what!