Thursday, September 24, 2009


Seriously, did this really just happen?

Woman conceives while pregnant

As if watching the Duggars have twenty kids while we have zero isn't bad enough, now a woman becomes pregnant twice in three weeks. How is that even possible? Could it have been double ovulation? Ahhh!

Okay so I just found an interview with the actual couple and it is even more shocking:

Interview with Grovenburgs

So the younger baby was the one she thought she knew about. The more developed fetus was the one that shocked her! She says she couldn't believe it because she took a negative pregnancy test initially and then got her period!!

Okay, at first this story made me despair but now I'm more in awe of God's wondrous power. And it also makes me kinda question all those negative tests we all are getting! I know it's so rare to get a false negative and I'm sure this is not my problem but it just makes you think twice. I mean she got her period! Good thing she wasn't taking Tamoxifen. That might have ended the pregnancy.

Well we're about to leave to head up north because Ryan is getting a big award from his college alma mater tomorrow. Isn't that exciting? I'm so proud of him!

I just hope the road trip helps to get my mind off of everything else. I am so low, it's just becoming harder and harder to envision ever getting out of this. Seriously, I'm now equating getting "the" call with getting a positive pregnancy test - an impossibility. My body working in the way God intended it to is just as plausible as our caseworker picking up her phone to call us with good news. I know it could happen, but in my mind it's not going to. Nice way to be positive, I know! It's just that when something doesn't happen for so long, it really seems impossible. I'm trying to pray more about what God would want for us outside of parenthood, but it's hard. What else is new.


  1. Hi there - I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I've been reading for a few weeks. I am a Catholic woman who's been trying to get pregnant since I miscarried in May. Clearly, I've not been at it long at all, comparatively, but I still struggle nonetheless. Your blog is inspirational! :)

  2. I had the same feelings. I have an easier time finding out about pregnancies when the person has dealt with infertility or other hardship.

    Have fun on your roadtrip. I'm sorry that you are feeling so despairing about pregnancy and adoption right now.

  3. I read that this morning, too. Is that really possible?!

    Congrats to your hubby- have fun on your road trip!

  4. Haha, I love how you wrote good thing she wasn't taking tamoxifen, because as I read that I was thinking, "good thing she doesn't have mthfr!"
    I was in awe of that interview, too. This is astounding, and I also LOVE how down to earth and grounded in good morals they both seem :) Great story, and I'm so happy that good things happen for good people.

  5. I saw that clip! I can't believe that. Seriously!

  6. women don't get their period when they're pregnant, but they do bleed - i learned this on that show, 'i didn't know i was pregnant' :) they had a lot of comments on this on the aol site, despite docs saying this is rare, there were 20 people at least saying it happened to someone they knew / in their family!

    i admire the duggars so much, they were a couple that contracepted, they are witnesses

    pls God, don't let anything happen to her or the baby / babies -

  7. i read your previous post, and understand what happened with NE - i worked with them for a bit, but i think dr hilgers takes on too much, that's why we can fall through the cracks - while i do wish i had gone for surgery with him some years ago, i understand what you are saying

    do you not like T3? i love it, i am taking nature's thyroid, which i like better than armour

    you can also get compounded

    do you work with a local napro / nfp doc? they can help more sometimes

    while your husband is smart, i am sure, ALWAYS listen to your women's instincts, and respect your own nature

  8. have you had a chance to work on the diet(s)?

    see dian s mills book healing your endo

    and marilyn shannon's book on fertility and cycles, 4th edition, amazon

    i am having some pelvic pain, i think from having some milk and cookies!

    wheat, dairy and read meat affect me badly!

  9. i understand the comments about working with an RE, but SO many of them WILL make you feel bad with their stupid comments - they WANT you to spend money on MANY things, and will do anything to get that to happen

    it's a sick sad world out there

    i was looking to see if anyone had worked with docs from or, will check around some more

    doesn't 'glee' kind of mock the things some people hold dear? i've read some lib sites that love it b/c it mocks these things...haven't seen it though!

  10. just have to say this, i am sorry to see you suffering, but in your heart, don't you see yourself as being worthy of the best God has to offer you?

    sometimes it is hard to hear about others, but sometimes it helps

    if this is a time it helps, i hope this helps you

    an aunt didn't marry until 32, approx, had two miscarriages, and then went on to have 5 healthy children

    a friend is the oldest of a BUNCH of children, her parents weren't able to have kids the first years, they prayed, including to St Gerard, and then went on to have 3 or 4 kids, one right after each other, then for some reason, didn't have kids for a while, and then went on to have a bunch more - and this was a family that 'couldn't' have kids in the beginning!

    another friend was adopted, because her parents weren't 'able' to have kids, and then they went on to have three of their 'own' in the sense of genetic! kids

    a friend was the youngest in her family, but was only 1 of 2 - her brother was almost 17 years older than herself!

    a family locally had 5 kids, and then their mom had her last baby when she was 40 + - the youngest girl went on to babysit her older sibs' kids when she was a teen :)

    mary higgins clark's mom either had her when she was in her 40's, or her mom had her when she was in her 40's!

    please please do not think you have a calendar that gets to say, ok, this is the last time we try, unless you plan to be abstinent :)

    have your husband read the song of songs to you, all the loving parts, and appreciate the fact that you have each other - children will come to you, they will - appreciate each other, i can tell you 50 women that would love to have a loving husband

  11. pls don't think you will be waiting until over 40, but if my aunt had thought her first miscarriage, or her second miscarriage would be her last 'chance' - she would have missed the joy of her 5 kids, and her now 10 grandchildren!!! one of her children is a lawyer, another in the military - and by the way, her daughter-in-law has her own handful of kids, but has sadly had two miscarriages of her own :( (at least two) -

    a cousin had two miscarriages, but then went on to have three children, even though some were premature...another friend had two miscarriages, and then went on to have three of her own...

    i hope that this helps in some way, i know sometimes it is hard to hear others' stories, but i always lap them up, and seek encouragement wherever i can...

    these women cried, too, not knowing what God had for them in the future

    finally, some women locally marry young, have one or two kids, then divorce and have to raise their kids while the ex is out partying with younger women! they may find someone new, but they have to wait for an annullment, having faith, and then have another child or two in their late 30's or 40's

    you and your husband are on a journey, you're fortunate to be together :)

  12. have you tried acupuncture? it seems to help me with may pain, i have to go back

  13. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Have fun on your roadtrip!!! Hopefully this down period goes away quickly for the both of us!