Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big weekend!

First of all, I am pretty happy today because I lost six pounds. In a week! And I didn't starve myself or anything. I ate healthy meals, lot of fruits and vegetables and practically no carbs. And if I never have to see another low-fat cheese omlet with onions and peppers I'll be happy.

I just wanted to lose a little more before I have to wear a bathing suit next week on vacation, and mission accomplished.

Speaking of vacation, it kind of starts today because my family will be here! My sister is flying in tonight and my mother, father and grandfather are driving all day and will be here tonight as well. They'd usually be going straight to their vacation destination, but they are kind enough to stop at our house on their way for a couple days so they can be there to see Ryan come into the Church on Saturday night. I'm so excited!

Then, on Sunday morning, we will all leave to head to the beach. I know, some of you southerners might think it's a tad bit early for the beach, but we are northerners, in particular, Upstate New Yorkers, and all of Upstate New York makes the pilgrimage to this particular vacation destination next week. For us, the weather won't be too much different than it is here, but it just snowed where my family lives, so 70's and sunny is a big difference. I wait all year for this week, so I am just thrilled that it's here!

Today is also Holy Thursday, my favorite day of the liturgical year. I just love it, perhaps because we recall the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist today, and that the beautiful Holy Thursday Mass ends with Adoration. Perhaps because it's the beginning of the triduum, all parts of which I love. Or perhaps it's because at my old parish the choir sings the most beautiful, haunting song that I've never heard anywhere else, about watching with Christ in the garden. I'm kind of obsessed with the song, and I think that's where my love for this day began.

Oh, and I forgot to say how excited I was on Monday for opening day!! Woo hoo!! I love, love, love baseball and love that I can now watch my Mets almost every day for the next several months! What a great time of year!!


  1. I am SO impressed at how you lose weight with such ease. It would be one thing if you were overweight, but where is this weight coming from? I just didn't think you could lose any more b/c you are so tiny!

    And YAY for Easter!!! I know what you mean about the triduum, this is my favorite time of year, too. I look forward to going to mass so much, partly because it reminds me of when I came into the Church (such a sweet time), and also because I recall the passing of JPII, another very tender time in my life ... but mostly, of course b/c of Jesus ... we are going to watch the Passion tomorrow. It's become sort of a tradition on Good Friday. Its so hard to watch but always leaves me feeling so close to Christ.

    Have a wonderful, blessed Easter!!!

  2. congrats on the weight loss! i'm so proud of you!

    i hope you enjoy your easter break with your family. it sounds like you're going to have a great time with the gang!

  3. Blech, the Mets :P

    Ooh, haunting song about the Garden of Gethsemane... sounds like I'd love it, too!! I wish I could hear it!

    Congrats on the weight loss. Now I'm trying to figure out where it is you are going on vacay (even though I don't qualify as an upstate NYer, but Manhattanites call anything north of the city Upstate.)

    Happy Holy Thursday! (I said this to one of my clients today, and followed up with, "and yes, it's happy because it has a happy outcome." So there.)

  4. And LH, I totally agree about The Passion! As soon as it came out, it became part of our Good Friday tradition, too... (before that, we would watch the Passion scene of Jesus of Nazareth, another classic).

  5. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! You sound so happy, I am so glad you have so many wonderful things going on in your life right now!
    Enjoy this time with your family!

  6. Wow! 6 pounds in a week! That's amazing! Congrats! How small are you now? A size two? You were so tiny already! Have fun on your big weekend trip! It sounds like fun.

    Oh, and welcome Ryan to the Church for all of us. I'm so glad your family will be there during the mass to support him. When I came in two years ago only my husband was there, I wish other people could have made it, I think it would have made it so much more special.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. Have a great Easter and vacation! And congratulations to Ryan!

  8. I'm thinking about you guys during this Holy Week and Triduum. What a special time! Is this song you're refering to called "Stay With Me"? Just curious if it's the same one I'm thinking of...

    Have sooooo much fun on your vacation! :)

  9. Awesome job on the weight loss K! What's your secret? Also congrats to your husband for comin into the Church this Saturday, that's wonderful news :)

  10. J29:11 - It might be!! I don't know what's called, but it goes something like "stay with me, something with me, watch with me.." I'm probably off on those lyrics.. but is that how the song you're talking about goes? I can't find it anywhere! I wanted to use it in my movie, but I couldn't record the choir at my old parish doing it because I had already moved. The song is actually partly why I named it "Watch With Me".

    Oh, I hope it's the same song! It's like at the conference when you said the one song was your favorite melody.. I knew without looking what it was going to be for some reason! Haha!

  11. Congrats on the weigh loss! And Yay for Ryan coming into the church! What a blessing to have your family there as well.

    About the song. From what you wrote I started singing the Taize song "Stay With Me". I'm guessing that's the one Jer 29:11 means. The words are very close to what you're describing - it's one of my favorites.

  12. That's it!!! That's it!!! Oh my gosh.. I know it's silly, but I have googled the heck out of that and I've never found it before! I'm so glad I can now listen to it!!!! Thank you!!!!

  13. Yay! I'm so glad that you finally found the song you were looking for. I don't think it's silly at all. I often have songs that "haunt" me for lack of a better word until I figure out what they are. Sometimes I look for them for years but I always seem to find them the exact moment I'm supposed to. ;o)

    I just realized when I saw the date on your last comment that I came into the church exactly 11 years ago today. I pray that Ryan's memories of April 11, 2009 turn out as wonderful as my memories of April 11, 1998!

  14. I forgot to check back on your comments about the song... glad to see that you discovered what it was! Yes, it is such a beautiful one and so appropriate for Holy Thursday.

    I sang for the vigil Mass tonight and I was thinking about you and Ryan. I hope it was wonderful! Enjoy your vacation. :)

  15. Just stopping by to say WELCOME TO THE CHURCH, R!!!
    I was thinking about you guys at the Easter Vigil Mass :)
    We are so proud and happy to have you in our church family!

  16. K,
    I didn't know that Ryan was going through RCIA there! How awesome! Tell him I said congratulations. Great job with the weight loss too!

    Miss you guys,


  17. Hello! I pray that you, hubby, and family are having a wonderful and relaxing vacation!

    I just made a new post on my blog talking about the anti-endometriosis diet I'm trying to follow (I've already lost six pounds!). I would love to hear input from you or any of your readers. Thank you so much!

    May God Bless you!
    MT :)

  18. K,
    I am so happy for you and R. Please tell him CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME from us!!! We missed it because Dh was in NY. and I was n CA. So sorry! I wish we could have been there. What a blessed time. Also, great job with losing some more weight. Really though, where are you losing this're so tiny. LUCKY you;) I am sure you'll look great at the beach! Have a wonderful vacation :)

  19. Hey, where you been? You're missing all the sh** going down around here!