Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pink toes

I thought I'd have to wait until she was three, but no. Clara saw my painted toes and wanted some of her own. She didn't have to ask me twice!

And the kicker - when Ryan went to get her from her crib this morning, he found her stripped down to her diaper saying, "Pink toes! Pink toes!" (Well, he thought she was saying "Pig toes," but I knew what she really meant). I'm convinced she took off her jammies, which had feet, because she wanted to see her pretty polish.

Luke was clueless about all the pedicure stuff. But I did come across something neat tonight having to do with him.

So, he happens to like to smile this big open-mouthed smile a lot. I've noticed it for a while, but then last week he did it every time he was around his new baby cousin. It's kind of his thing.

Well, I have officially discovered where he got it from. That's me in the middle.

Not such a mini-Ryan after all!


  1. Love the pink toes! Love them!

    Love the open mouth smile! So funny!

    Hannah does this thing with her hands that I do....It's wild....It throws me through a loop every time I see her do it.

  2. Love Clara and Luke! So fun!

  3. Awe, her pink toes are soooo adorable!!! And Luke's face, how it matches yours...lol!!! Too cute!!!

  4. So cute! My bro would probably kill me for saying this, but my sister and I would paint his toes all the time when he was little, haha... And wow, Luke is your twin! :)

  5. darling little toes!! and LUKE LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU!! wow.

  6. ADORABLE! All of it.
    Say, K, how do you do make those cute onesies? Is there another website that explains it, and if so, can you send me the link? Do you do fabric plus iron-on stuff? I'm at allison anne winter at gmail

  7. I love EVERYThing about this post:).

  8. Love the Pink Toes!
    And Luke being openmouthed ... LOL!!! Hilarious!!!