Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Catholic blog to check out

Sometimes there seems like there aren't an abundance of Catholic blogs out there about adoption. I know every time one of you who has adopted has emailed me your story, it has helped me tremendously. There is just something about reading the story of a nice, normal family who has gone through the process and has one or more adorable children to show for it. I already know that adoption is great and everything, but sometimes putting a face (or an email or blog) to it can really help those of us who are contemplating making that next step.

Well, one of my friends in real life is an awesome Catholic woman who is carrying the cross of infertility and is also waiting to adopt. I'm so excited to announce that she has started a blog herself, because I'm sure her story will help so many others. Not only can she speak about adoption and the difficulty of waiting, but she is an amazingly strong person with deep faith, so I'm sure she will inspire you like she already has me.

Actually, the way we met in real life kind of has to do with my blog. We had already briefly met in person at a young adults get-together for our parish that she and her husband hosted. Then, a few days later, as she was researching online for an infertility support group she was starting, she came across my blog. I had just added my picture to it the day before, so luckily she was able to immediately realize that she had just met me! Well, thanks to that chance internet search, I became involved in the support group and the rest is history. I'm sure we would've become friends even if not for the blog, but maybe we wouldn't have realized our shared struggle so soon.

I've also talked about her before on this blog, including our trip to St. Gianna's shrine last spring.

Anyways, please check out her blog and say hi!


  1. That's so great! As awesome as the blogs are, having that 'real-life' person to turn must be of tremendous support, too. And I loved hearing how you met up with her, too. You were destined to be friends! I wish there were more young-adult things in our parish, so I could get to know more young Catholics. Though I guess as I approach mid-30s... maybe that's not so much young adult anymore is it?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just went over and said "hello" to your friend. :)

    Let's hang out sometime soon!! What dates work for you?

  3. Thanks Karey! You are a sweetheart! Your amazing faith and positive spirit have been such an inspiration to me that it was all meant to be that our paths would cross. Even though I am in the blogging world now, I'm still not going to check your's that often...I prefer to hear your updates in person! :) xo