Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting tested!

My doctor called me!

I was in the shower (of course) but I had put the phone on a shelf near me just in case. When it rang I hurried to turn the water off (while I’m shaking from excitement – it’s amazing the way you can work yourself up for something), and answered the phone. And it wasn’t just a nurse, but my doctor himself!

I just love him! He is such a great person.

He said he was definitely going to order a test, a pregnancy test and progesterone. When I asked him if he thought it was warranted he said ‘absolutely!’ He said between my cycle going as long as it did, my progesterone doing what it did and seeing a faint positive, that there was a good chance I had an early miscarriage. He then said that while that would be sad, it should also make me very hopeful, to which I replied, “Oh, yes, it would make me very hopeful!”

He needed the fax number for my lab, so, dripping wet, I managed to put a towel around myself and walk to the computer. While I was looking it up, I took the opportunity to ask him about my progesterone. When I asked him if it was a good sign that my progesterone did what it did, before I could even finish he said, “Oh ABSOLUTELY!” He then said it really shows that my body is physiologically doing the right thing. When I asked him about how it went down and then went back up, he said that was a great sign and that while it is possible that it can happen in someone who’s not pregnant, that they usually only see it in pregnancy.

Still looking for the fax number, I asked him about how it went from an 8.21 one month to 44.27 the next and whether it was the Tamoxifen. To that he replied that it was a great sign and, again, that they usually only see that in pregnancy. I’m sure now that when they called me with the results on Friday, that’s exactly what they were thinking.

I then asked him that if I didn’t have an early miscarriage, were my progesterone results and my longer-than-normal luteal phase still good signs, and he said yes, that they were great and thing are looking really good.

I know I already know this, but it means so much more coming from your doctor!

So he is now having a nurse fax the order over and I’m going to go this afternoon to have it done.

I think I asked him if he thought it was too late for an early miscarriage to show up on blood work, and I don’t know what he said to that. I think that’s when he said what he was testing for. I guess I’ll ask that again if I get the results and they don’t show anything.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Now I’ll be waiting again, this time for the results, but at least the ball is rolling.

I know we’ll probably hear back that the test didn’t show any signs of pregnancy. It’s hard to imagine anything other than that! So I’m just trying to be okay with whatever I hear, and to humble myself to not be embarrassed if my suspicions were wrong. At least now I know that my doctor also thinks there is as good chance I miscarried, so it’s not like some crazy idea I cooked up.

I’ll of course update when I hear something. Right now, since I’m fasting from the internet for most of the day, I’m typing posts up in Word and having Ryan post them for me. That isn’t cheating, is it?


  1. Awesome!!!

    I've been praying for you lately as I have also been giving up the computer, it's nice to see that miracles are at work.

    Love and Prayers,

  2. Even if the b/w shows no pg, I really think you were pg, K. To that end, I am so mixed with emotions for you! On the one hand, I am mourning for your loss- but on the other hand, as you said, this is a HUGE step in the right direction towards another pregnancy, and a healthy one that goes long-term at that!
    May God continue to give you strength throughout this process... apparently he has given you tons of it already- you sound so strong in these posts!!

  3. you have a wonderful doctor! i can't believe that he phoned you himself!

    i can't wait to see what the bloodtest says. you're in my prayers!

  4. I'm so glad you will be getting some answers. It is SO unusual to have a false positive without any extenuating circumstances... I have never even heard of it. And with all the significant differences in this cycle, it would really surprise me to hear that there wasn't an early miscarriage to explain it all.

    I will look forward to the results. It would be wonderful to know if you have a little saint in Heaven already, praying for Mommy to make another miracle!

  5. Woooo--Hooooo!!!!

    I am pumped over here!! That is fantastic! I am not sure if I should feel so excited about the pregnancy loss (which i'm not)...But I think that leads to so many more answered questions! Girlfriend, I am pumped that you can get pregnant, because that seems to be the hardest battle. Woo-Hooo!!!!

    It's right around the corner I know it!

    I am giving up computer too!! I have slacked the past two days! Okay no more! :) Please keep us updated!!!! I can't wait to hear the news!!!

  6. Praise be to God.
    I can't believe he called you himself! That is AWESOME!!!!!

    All of it is good, good, good.

    How long til you get your results????

    I know you must feel much better!!!

  7. that is amazing news, and promising. I've often thought to muself that it would be even be exciting if I miscarried early on bc then it would mean that I'm capable of getting pg. So I can completely understand where you're coming from. I'm smiling ear to ear at the lovely news :)

  8. You have a truly amazing, caring doctor. Can't wait to keep reading. What exciting times for you!

  9. I am so glad you have such an amazing doctor. I am glad you feel free and confidient to ask all of your questions. Speaking of a miscarriage being a blessing. I believe that any life within the womb is a blessing. A new soul is created and nothing can take that soul away from the presence of God. Although we don't know yet if you miscarried, I have always been told that J and I have pretty good chances to one day conceive again since I was able to get pregnant once before. Although it has been a long time ago, I think that is why Dr. H gave us such great odds. Only God knows, but you and your family are in my prayers. It will be a grand celebration when your arms are one day filled with a child for you to love forever!

  10. It really does sound like you had a chemical pregnancy, or early miscarriage. I had one last month, and even though it's difficult, as my doctor said, at least you know you can get pregnant.

    I'm really excited for you!

  11. to my knowledge the beta (blood pg test) should still show up positive after you m/c.......I cannot wait to hear results!