Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer request

My sister's childhood best friend went into labor due to a ruptured uterus today at 30 weeks. Her son was born weighing 3 lbs 4 oz. We don't have too many details on exactly how her friend and her baby are doing, but she was able to talk to her so she must be relatively okay. My sister specifically requested that I post this prayer request, though, to ask all of you to please pray for this new mother. Her name is Heidi, and the baby is Eric.

O Most Blessed Trinity, I your unworthy creature, thank you for all the gifts and privileges which you have granted to Saint Gerard, especially for those virtues with which you have adorned him on earth and the glory which you impart to him in heaven.
Accomplish your work, O Lord, for the greater glory of the Holy Church.
Glorify him before men and women and through his merits, in union with those of Jesus and Mary, grant me the grace for which I ask for the full recovery of baby Eric and his mother Heidi.
And you, my powerful intercessor St. Gerard, always so ready to help those who have recourse to you, pray also for me.
Prostrate yourself before the throne of Divine Mercy and please do not leave it without being heard.
To you I confide this important and urgent affair.
Graciously take my cause in hand and let me not end this novena without having experienced in some way the effects of your intercession.

As you may recall, Clara was born at 30 weeks as well. And while we weren't around for the first few days, which may have been very touch-and-go, I can imagine how tough it must be to watch your tiny baby get all sorts of interventions. I pray that little Eric pulls through as miraculously as Clara has. 

And, while no where near as urgent, if you have a second, please add a little prayer for Clara. She has a terrible diaper rash that is causing her extreme discomfort. It may be an infection, and she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to find out (the doctor's already seen her once for it and we've tried all over-the-counter remedies we can). But tonight she spiked a fever and I freaked out for a while thinking you add THREE points to an underarm reading. It's actually one, and that makes a big difference. An ear infection she had last week may have returned, I'm not sure. We shall see. I'm just hoping they can give her something to make her bottom more comfortable, poor baby.

So thank you so much for the prayers. This blogging community is well known among my family and friends for powerful prayers, so it means a lot to them that you take the time to add these special intentions to your own. Hopefully I'll let you know how our friend and her new baby are doing in the near future.


  1. Aw, praying for Heidi and baby Eric for sure. Offering my sleepless nights for them and for your little Clara's health too.

  2. Oh so sorry to hear of Clara's little bottom being so painful. Praying for quick recovery for her, and that the Lord would sustain Heidi and Eric ...

  3. what a beautiful prayer! Definitely praying for a full recovery.

    My doctor had us do a combo of liquid Malox, prescription diaper cream, and A and D for a really bad rash once.

  4. Poor Clara! Hope she's feeling better soon. And we hope Heidi and Eric will be able to get through anything they are bound to face:)

  5. Praying! One of my daughter's worst and most painful diaper rashes was a yeast diaper rash that needed prescription strength lanisoh before it went away. Just fyi!

  6. I think.its worth a call to double check. I thought it was how the student loan started, not who.owns it now.

  7. Praying for eric and Clara. Have no fear. Those NICU babies get buckets of grace!

  8. Oh, praying for Heidi, baby Eric and Clara also! We actually use Aquaphor for diaper rashes, but Ian's rashes have been alot more persistent than Isabel's ever were! I feel so bad when he gets them! I think some babies are just more prone to them!