Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching up

Not posting very frequently leads to the need for an update post - that hodge podge of random thoughts that I feel like I have to get out of the way before writing any kind of well-thought-out post (although, let's be honest, when's the last time I posted something well thought out anyways?).

So here goes...

* I feel baby boy kick all the time. Well, not all the time, because he does stop to sleep like a good little baby, but I feel him quite often. And it's glorious. It's truly one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced, right up there with hearing Clara's laughter. Starting earlier this week, you can even feel him on the outside of my stomach, which Ryan has been able to experience. I know I say this all the time, but it's just so surreal!

* At our ultrasound the tech said he was breach (not a big deal this early on) which made sense because I had been feeling kicks in my lower abdomen. But beginning last night, I'm feeling those same kicks up near my belly button. Perhaps he has turned around?

* I'm 21 weeks today, although according to my OB I'm 21 weeks on Sunday and according to Monday's ultrasound I'll be 21 weeks this coming Tuesday. I get my date from when I think I ovulated and what he was measuring during the first two ultrasounds. My doctor gets her date from the start of my last period. And Monday's ultrasound had the due date a couple days later because that's what baby boy was measuring. I know it's just a couple days, but I'm sticking with my date because I like switching over weeks sooner! But it'll actually be nice near the end that the other dates are later.

* Ryan has had quite a week. On Saturday he cleaned up our backyard, in preparation for the blogger get-together at our house, and had an allergic reaction to something (the doctor thinks leaves but he sees an allergist next week). We didn't know this until Sunday morning, when he woke up with a swollen eye. TV anchors and swollen eyes don't go well together, so he hasn't been able to anchor his shows all week. Thank God that they've let him come to work, though, because otherwise it would have cut into the days he plans to take off when the baby comes. It would've wiped them out almost completely, actually. So not only has Ryan had to deal with looking like a boxer, terrible itching all over his body and grumpiness from steroids, but he's been plugging away at work all week despite it all. I'm so glad he's almost completely better today!

* Clara's been sick off and on for about a month now. She's acting totally fine, isn't lethargic, has a normal appetite and no fever, but her nose is runny every so often and the biggest reason I know something's up - her little voice is hoarse. It sounds terrible! I'm guessing it's post-nasal drip combined with me attempting to let her 'cry it out' now and then (which does not work with her.. she can go for HOURS!). She saw the doctor for it last month and there was absolutely nothing they could do, so I've been hesitant to call this time around. I've done a couple breathing treatments (which don't do anything if it's a cold), we take her in the bathroom when we shower, and we did a treatment this morning using saline, which our doctor recommended last time. I'm also going to do all I can to prevent her from crying for a few days to preserve her voice. We'll see how that goes!

* If anyone is wondering how our break from internet and cable has been working out for us, I'm happy to report it's going quite well! While I do get annoyed every so often when there's something I want to do online and can't (like upload or email photos), I don't miss cable at all. It's actually quite refreshing to not be a slave to t.v. shows (something I definitely was before). When you can't pause, rewind or record, it surprisingly let's you off the hook from feeling like you have to. Last night I realized I completely missed one of my favorite shows and guess what? I don't care! Now, I shouldn't give the impression that we enjoy quiet time with the t.v. turned off all day. Actually, my viewing habits have just changed. With no Bravo, TLC or Discovery, I have taken to watching soaps in the afternoon (haha! I'll take what I can get!) and we got a subscription to Netflix, which has been nice (we're loving Dexter and Weeds lately, not exactly the purist, most moral shows!).

* So some of you have seen the picture of me at our little get-together last weekend where my baby bump was poking through (I have to admit, I was a little shocked to see what I looked like.. I guess I hadn't taken a picture like that in a while!). I have gained about 18 pounds, believe it or not (you'd believe it if you saw me in person), and when I pass by a mirror or window I am still not used to the reflection. I don't care at all that I'm gaining, of course, it's just different! So here's a picture we took at twenty weeks, of my half-way-through baby bump. And it's a little extra special now that we know who is in there - our little boy!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. What a cute baby bump :)

    Hope Ryan and Clara are better soon!

    Thanks for your kinds comments lately!

  2. You are so gorgeous!

    My guilty pleasure is Weeds, but, wow, it makes me blush sometimes!

    My husband loves Dexter.

    Netflix is great for the cable-less. I probably only have 1-2 hours of screen time a week! (But I have NO idea what I would do without the internet!)

  3. That baby bump suits you well!

    Glad to get "caught up" on what's happening with you! Hope Ryan and Clara feel better and that your baby boy keep it up with all those sweet kicks! :)

  4. You look great. I hope Ryan feels better soon!

  5. You look so great!

    Sorry to hear that Ryan and Clara have been sick. I hope they both feel better soon.

  6. You look radiant! Things sound busy in a really good kind of way! And, your house looks so clean! Enjoy, enjoy your little boy. Keep the photos coming.

  7. Cute picture! Hello in there, little man!!

    We gave up cable for Netflix too and I have no regrets. I don't think I could give up internet though!

  8. We watched the first season of Weeds on Netflix and then I had to give it up...I thought the story line was pretty funny, but I couldn't take the language and nudity. After a while I just noticed that I didn't turn it on anymore. Dexter I find interesting and we watch it occasionally. In real life, Dexter and the woman who plays his sister are married!

    Love that baby bump.

  9. I don't know you :) but I love your blog! (I know the girls who write "All Things" and "Beautiful Day" and I believe that's how I landed here!:))...How wonderful that you will have TWO little ones soon!!! Very cute baby bump - pregnant women are the cutest! :)

  10. So you are able to watch big brother?! ;) I live for that show no lie! ;)

    I still can't believe I see YOU with a bump! It's crazy beautiful!

  11. This is awesome!
    Love the bump and I LOVE feeling the baby kick! It's my favorite thing about pregnancy ;) I actually miss it when they're out.

  12. ADORABLE! and the smile too! So amazing! Praise God!

  13. You are beautiful! Thanks for the update! Hope Ryan feels better soon, those days after baby will be so precious!!

  14. I love the little hodge podge of updates.

    My twins have had a cold for the past week but we've been using a warm mist humidifier (sold very inexpensively at wal mart) and it works like a charm. I even think the noise it makes soothes them to sleep (kind of like a white noise machine). We also put a blanket underneath their mattresses to elevate them a bit.

    Love the bump, aren't you just so excited to feel the squirms? For me it never got old...well almost never lol.

  15. So cute! I to hope that everyone starts feeling better!

  16. You look just lovely with your baby bump. Pregnancy was made for you and I love that you are relishing every kick the little guy gives you.

    Yikes about Ryan’s reaction. My DH had a bad reaction mowing our friend’s yard. It lasted for weeks, but it (rash/swelling) didn’t reach his face. I’m glad it’s getting better, but I know how miserable my husband was to work through that for the first few days. Ryan’s a trooper. I hope he and Clara are both feeling better.

    Have a great weekend.

  17. I hope Ryan and Clara are both feeling better soon! You look great.

    I watched the first season of Dexter and then missed out because we canceled our movie channels. I have them queued on my netflix but haven't gotten around to getting caught up! (I loved Big Love, too!)

  18. Precious Baby Boy bump!!

    Hope the family feels better soon!

  19. Poor Ryan!! I'll bet looking at that adorable baby bump makes him feel better, though! You are so cute!!

  20. Things change with the kicking, don't they! I hope you will enjoy your pregnancy and even more your baby. Congratulations!

  21. Adorable baby boy bump!

    My little one had a runny nose while teething but not a hoarse voice-but it was off and on for a few weeks and caused fussiness, sleeplessness. Ibuprofen seemed to work best when she was really fussy!

  22. You are glowing and so darn cute! You deserve this so much. I honestly can't imagine something kicking inside of, I'm gonna freak out when that time comes for me.

  23. Our son Andrew had the post-nasal drip thing going on. Some doctors say that is too young for allergies, but my doctor disagreed. For one thing, Andrew always had the symptoms at the exact same time as myself, and it didn't follow the pattern of a cold. Once he was about 21 months (and, most important, at least 25 lbs.), we started him on OTC children's allergy medicine. Made all the difference!