Monday, February 11, 2008


Today was a day of highs and lows. To start, I went to the dentist (that was a low, for you masochists who go on a regular basis). Okay, please don't judge me here and I swear I otherwise have wonderful hygiene, but it's been over a decade since I've been. It turns out, no surprise here, that I have four or five cavities and have to go back four times. I lost it and spent the morning sobbing. I have a huge anxiety of the dentist (obviously) and the thought of going back is very scary. It was about that time that I wondered what on earth made me go to the dentist today of all days. After more than a decade I suddenly decide to go now? When I'm supposed to be de-stressing and helping my body in every possible way to ovulate? My mom says it's a good idea for "when" I get pregnant and eventually breastfeed, since breastfeeding can take a toll on your teeth. So she says I should focus on that when I'm nervous.

Then I returned home and decided to take my first ovulation predictor test in quite some time. My cycle actually appears "normal" this month so I was inspired to buy the kit and see if I ovulate. I've taken severals of these tests before and have never, ever seen a positive (I've never seen two pink lines on ANY test). So just moments after peeing on the stick, I saw two pink lines, one brighter than the other. I looked closely and realized the line I needed to be darker was actually a little lighter, meaning it was negative for ovulation, but I was still pretty excited because I've never even seen it that close. I figured maybe it meant that a positive would come tomorrow. Then, about an hour later, my husband happened to look at the test, compared it to the picture on the box, and realized that I had the lines mixed up and it was, in fact, positive! I felt like an idiot, but was very excited.

So hopefully this means that I will actually release an egg this month. I'm not sure if that's what this even means, and maybe the level of lutenizing hormone still rises in women who never actually release an egg. I have no idea how that works. All I know is I've never peed on an OPK stick and had it turn out positive before. This has got to be a step in the right direction and I needed this today.

Then tonight was fun because we went to a rally for John McCain. It was packed and very exciting and I took tons of pictures. [Disclaimer - If you happen to be reading this and are from the Richmond area, please know that my husband does not, I repeat does not, publically support a candidate. He was just there as my driver. He also wants to add that he went for "journalistic research" or something.] The highlight was when I got to shake his hand as he was leaving. Here's the picture of "the handshake" taken by my husband. I'm the one with the hair who the senator is intently gazing at:

So it was quite a day. Tonight, I think I'll start a novena to St. Anthony - since it worked for Beth!


  1. Wow - this is so exciting!!!

    I actually had the opposite problem with OPKs.

    My opk tests would show really dark positives for 5 and six days straight, which is maddening! That's when I threw them out and never bought one again. But I am glad you mentioned it. Perhaps I should try one this month, too, to see if there is a difference!

    I am feeling very positive for you right now!!!!! Ijust know this is a good sign!

  2. Yes! St. Anthony was AWESOME! And it totally worked :)