Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day Two *Update*

So yesterday was cycle day one for me. I handled it well. It's okay because I know God will take care of me. I'm not sure how, or what will happen but I know it will be okay eventually. That's a big improvement for me. I think not really having any hope of conceiving this past fall (after I found out how bad my endometriosis was) has helped me to not get too disappointed each month, even though I guess I have a good chance of conceiving now. (Notice I said "good" chance. That fact that I can admit that is an improvement!)

So tomorrow I have to call PPVI for a cycle review. I had a short cycle this time around - only 25 days (when I first started charting my cycles were 40+ days, but lately I've had some short ones, although this is the shortest). My peak day was somewhat normal for a change - day 17 - with about 10 days of mucus. Most importantly the mucus did not stop and start, it was pretty constant during that time. But... my luteal phase was only eight days. What does that mean? Here are the luteal phase lengths for my last eight cycles: 8, 3, 12, 9, 10, 8, 10 and 3 days. I read today that you need at least to days for implantation, so three of those cycles are long enough and five aren't. And I wonder what happened when it was only 3 days. And I wish I knew what my progesterone levels were. They were okay the last time they were tested - a year ago!! Ugh... I guess this is where my patience comes in again. I'll know exactly what's going on eventually. I just have to wait.

One thing that is definitely helping to take my mind off things is our new house. We've been painting for three days now and have about four more days of it to go. We'll officially move in this weekend. I even kept my cool today when things got pretty frustrating. It involved one of those automatic roller machines and a paint color I hated. You'd think being an artist that I would be good at picking colors but I'm awful.

If anyone gets a chance, could you say a quick prayer for me? I'm going to the dentist tomorrow for a couple fillings and I have major anxiety about it. I'm actually doing well, though, because I think God is giving me the grace to be calm about it. I just want it to be over!

***Thanks for your prayers! The dentist was MUCH better than I ever thought. I brought an hour and a half of music on my ipod, specifically songs to calm me down, and I didn't even make it through Tiny Dancer and she was already done drilling! Not even one complete song! Two more visits to go now...


  1. I am sorry to hear that February was not the month. I guess we both have to remember that we are still improving our cycles - that we aren't quite there yet but we will be one day soon. And at least we now know that endo isn't the culprit!

    I will also say a prayer that your dentist visit is pain free. (thank God for painkillers!) Perhaps if you tell him of your anxiety he can give you an extra special dose of numbing stuff:)

  2. I just wanted to comment about your mucus and luteal phase issues. If you have fertile mucus for that long you should ask your Creighton practitioner to start you on yellow stamps. Also, you can start taking vitamin C daily (start at 1000mg for at least a month and then you can lower the dose if it is working) to help dry up some of your mucus so that your fertile phase is more reasonable and easier to determine.

    As far as an unstable luteal phase... Your numbers sound like mine did before I started taking progesterone during my luteal phase. I had very low progesterone. PPVI will probably want you to get your P levels tested. You can do a peak + 7 test, but it is really more acurate to test on peak +3, +5, +7, +9, & +11. Do you have spotting at the end of your luteal phase? That is another sign of low progesterone.

    Also, your hormones might just be unstable (which is why your luteal phase was sometimes a "normal" length). If your mucus comes and goes and comes again that could just mean a delayed ovulation, which can happen to anyone. If your luteal phase is only 3 days that probably means you didn't really ovulate that cycle (which can also happen periodically to everyone).

    Do you have a local Creighton practitioner who helps you with your chart, or are you doing everything through PPVI? I have had 2 Creighton practitioners (teachers), one who was still learning and my current one who is very experienced and knowledgeable. It is very helpful to have someone who knows how to interpret your chart sit down with you and walk you through it. I only know what I know because my chart was so screwed up for so long...

    If you have questions about your chart or anything else please feel free to email me.

  3. Praying for no pain and no anxiety at the dentist!

    I had short luteal phases (on average), but they varied from 8-14 days. My progesterone rose to about the right level, but then dropped off too quickly. Instead of progesterone, I've been on the regimen of hCG injections (on Peak +3, +5, +7, and +9), which has made my luteal phase reliably 13 or 14 days. The hCG (so I'm told :-> ) stimulates the body to produce its own progesterone and estrogen.

    And I'm sorry that February wasn't the month, too!

  4. I will pray for you too :)

    Today is CD18 for me....still haven't ovulated....wonder whether today's the day?

    Take care!

    P/S BTW to lifehopes - have you locked up your blog? I can't seem to access it...

  5. Hi Depression- yes I did - check your blog comments:)