Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's birthday season around here. Today (or technically yesterday, since I'm publishing after midnight) was Luke's.

Unlike most mothers on their children's birthdays, I will not say that I can't believe Luke is three. It's actually rather believable. He's always kept up with Clara, has been talking practically since they pulled him from my womb, and (lucky for us) never really had a terrible two's. Now, don't misunderstand. Luke had his very own unique breed of terribleness that involved not going to bed at night until past midnight, no matter WHAT I tried, but that can't be attributed to age. He's done that his entire life (although there is a VERY promising update on that front that I'm still a little nervous to boast about just yet. Stay tuned).

While my two oldest always seem the same age, today starts the week when they actually are. For five days, I have two three-year-olds.

Be still my heart. This photo makes me want to write another post about adoption right now.

With the way Thanksgiving fell this year, with Luke's birthday before it and Clara's the weekend immediately after, we decided to have a joint party for them this past weekend. We don't always have parties (seems to be an every-other-year trend we unofficially have going at the moment), but when we do, the kids get very into them. And as excited as they get about them ahead of time cannot even compare to the lasting impression the party leaves.

Luke has a photo book that chronicles his first year and there's a page devoted to their monkey party. It's his favorite page, by far. In particular, he loses it every single time over the cake I made. He gets so excited leading up to that page that he can barely contain himself and I had to talk him out of a monkey cake again this year.

So parties - and cakes - are big deals in our house and I started discussing this year's theme with them earlier this month. At the time, we were right on the heels of a Jake-and-the-Neverland-Pirates Halloween, and my Jake and Izzy were beginning to make the transition into the more classic Peter and Wendy. I can't say I wasn't happy. That theme had a lot of potential. The ideas pretty much created themselves.

I love planning parties for my kids. Love it. Fall is my season - Halloween costumes right into party decor. Stressful, yes. But a good kind of stress (and this from the person who no longer paints because even that is too stressful for her). It's easy. It's glue-guns and felt and sewing only when entirely necessary. It's making pretty things that they can use in their rooms (that's a big requirement, and why I make the decorations in the first place). So I spent most November evenings making banners, party favors, more banners, and any decoration I could think up.

It all came to together this past Saturday and was a success because Clara and Luke had a blast.


My only regret was not having the party earlier in the day. It gets dark way too early this time of year to have any usable natural light for pictures. You know, priorities.

So I was about to relax last night - with wrapping presents my only task before Luke's actual birthday today - when he, as I tucked him into bed, announced how excited he was for his Batman birthday. Okay.... And it wasn't some manipulative thing, like a spoiled kid trying to bleed their mother for every creative ounce she's worth. He said it so innocently, so excitedly, with those big doe eyes (okay, maybe he's just really good at being manipulative...) as I stuck my head into his Thomas the Train tent that goes over his bed... that I had absolutely no choice.

The glue-gun came out one last time.

I set out to make a cape and a banner. Upon pulling out all of my yellow and black felt from my "craft room" (a.k.a. my mess of plastic Target bags thrown in among my clothes in the tiny closet I share with Ryan), I realized I didn't have enough. But I had an old pair of black sweatpants that had seen better days. Once too many holes in all the wrong places means I can't wear them to the grocery store, I really have no use for them. So I cut one leg off, opened it up, and it became a cape. No sewing, nothing. Just cutting. I had enough felt for the Batman symbol and for a banner. Phew.

It's safe to say he loved the cape (side-note - my mom once told him a story about a red-haired boy who grows up to be Batman and, ever since, he very reluctantly accepts it as his destiny).

Photo-of-Lukie-and-his-Batman-banner FAIL.
I'm starting to realize I may have set the bar too high. After freaking out about the awesomeness of his banner and cape this morning, he asked, again innocently, why his Peter Pan birthday banner was still up and hadn't been replaced with another Batman banner. And he told me how excited he was about his Batman cake. Uh oh.

His defrosted chocolate cupcake and green (from Peter Pan) frosting were more than good enough for him though (okay, I might have created the Batman wings out of buttercream) and he was thrilled about the entire day, even mommy's request to take a birthday photo (well, maybe thrilled isn't the right word here, but he obliged).

I love this of him. Just want to eat those cheeks right up. Almost makes me forget all the hitting and fighting.

Now only one more birthday to go in the next week. Then Advent (which starts the same day, in fact) and another birthday, then Christmas. Then it's my birthday. Just in time for me to start feeling really tired and old.

Love you to pieces, Lukie... I mean Batman. Next up, Clara!


  1. Happy and blessed birthday to Luke. What a fantastic birthday celebration you made for both of your darling three year olds! I am astonished that you had the energy to pull off the Batman birthday ... You ROCK!!

  2. Love the pictures and your sweet Luke! I will admit Isaiah's first name (Luke) might have been inspired by you

  3. Happy birthday, Luke! Looks like one fairy tale of a party. :)

  4. This is seriously thrilling! Start working on the party planning book baby! :-)

  5. Ahh Karey I love, love, love all the pictures! I am starting to plan Elizabeth's Curious George party at the end of December and love looking at how other people decorate and incorporate the theme of the party. The hook ring game is awesome!!! Well, everything is awesome actually! Love it…thanks for sharing! Happy birthday Luke and Clara!!