Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Election Day.. Vote for Essie!

It's Election Day and, of course, we voted. And I discovered that I apparently have an Election Day uniform because I'm cool like that.

And if on this Election Day you feel like there are just no candidates you can really get behind, like no one you can really, really trust and love and support, well... I have one for you. And you can vote for her no matter where you live.

It's Esther Grace. Remember this costume? (I know, it's been so long)

I happened upon a costume contest last week and entered her and just happened to check an email account today that I hardly ever use, and there was an email saying she's a finalist!

So please, exercise your right to vote this Election Day and head on over and cast your ballot for one candidate we can all support (thank goodness it's Election Day as I'm writing this. It's making it a lot easier.. and cheesier).

I mean seriously. How can you resist that face? I know elections shouldn't be about superficial things like looks, and hair, and clothes, and the boxes the candidates' moms made for them. But just forget about all that this time and vote for cuteness.

Essie's trailing the leaders by a couple hundred votes. And voting ends Wednesday at midnight. So click here right now so Essie can win some organic toys. Pretty please???

Thanks!!!!! Happy Election Day!


  1. Done! Um, yes bc this rocked Halloween.

  2. Thank you!! I was looking at the wrong thing when I said we were behind by a couple hundred. We are actually in the lead. But #2 is gaining on us!!

  3. Yes, she did! Woo hoo! I should've updated with that. Thanks to everyone who voted!!