Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Progesterone worries

My progesterone barely rose this time. It's 32.5. I believe in the past month and a half it has gone from 36.5 to 29, to 30.5 (guessing on that one), to 32.5.

Dr. S's nurse said to keep my injection dose the same, 100 (not sure of the unit of measurement) twice a week. She didn't sound like the level was of any great concern.

I'm trying not to be super nervous, but I can't help but see on the graph that progesterone is supposed to rise pretty steadily. While my numbers have been in zone two for a few draws now, if it hovers in the low 30's from this point on (my next draw will be right as week 19 begins) I'll be in zone one.

I'm feeling kind of dejected today, but I'm still trying to trust in Jesus. I know that, ultimately, He has both my and my baby's best interest in mind.

This afternoon Clara and I are heading to my first appointment with the endocrinologist to talk about handling my thyroid medication. I'm really hoping Clara can be on her best behavior while we're in there! And I hope it's an easy, stress-free appointment, and nothing causes me any additional worry.

I just can't help but feel like my body isn't doing what it's supposed to with the progesterone. And when there's a living baby that's possibly being affected by that, it brings a whole new level of guilt. But, I'm also trying to remind myself that everything else is okay, we just heard the baby's heart beat and I have no other complications.

So if you have any success stories about low progesterone, please let me know. But, if you don't mind, please don't tell me any horror stories. I'm trying not to lose it.


  1. Erin's progesterone never got high....And it was crazy low in the very beginning...But I don't think it ever rose above 30. I could be wrong...

  2. I read your blog regularly but don't comment much (I don't have a blog so I feel a little out of the loop!) Anyway, I am currently 15 weeks and my progesterone has barely reached 30 even with supplements. However, my doctor thinks that I tend to have low progesterone and that is one of the reasons why I wasn't sick with my son (who is currently 23 months old). Unfortunately, I don't know what my levels were with him, I had a super normal pregnancy with him, then I had a miscarriage and then this pregnancy where my progesterone dropped from 14 to 9 in the beginning. Anyway, everyone is different and I would try not to worry (ha! easier said than done right!) I imagine that everything is fine, just keep thinking of the heartbeat you heard! I'll be praying for you!

  3. Hang in there, it will be okay! Chin up girlie!

  4. My progesterone was Level 1 the majority of my pregnancy with Joseph. The highest my levels were I believe were just after we conceived and that was 44. After that they decreased significantly, and were usually only in level 1 or 2. I was never on PIO only supositories of Pro.metrium. I have a very healthy baby boy now.

  5. Okay, so the highest was in my last month of pregnancy to 57.6 (Level 2), but for the most part, my levels were only level 1 or 2, and maybe once in level 3.

    I am sure your baby is doing fine. You'll be able to feel him/her move more soon and you will find more comfort with that I am sure.

  6. I don't have a lot of experience with progesterone levels in later pregnancy, but from what I have read and witnessed, it seems that progesterone levels are the most important in the early part of pregnancy. When I hear of 2nd or 3rd trimester losses, they seem to be due to other complications, more specifically thyroid, placental, cord issues, or a malformation of the baby. I actually don't know of a single loss outside these categories. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but just that I know hundreds of women who have lost babies (due to my various support groups!) and I don't know of a single one that had a 2nd or 3rd trimester loss due to low progesterone.

    That being said, I think you are on an emotional roller coaster here. Anxiety is a normal part of pregnancy, and during my pregnancies I find myself suffering with it very acutely because of my history (full-term loss). When I am pregnant I pray daily for peace and trust, and I ask everyone around me to pray for me too. I also let the doctor/midwife know at each visit how much I am struggling with anxiety. I ask my priest to pray for me, and I've even received the sacrament of the sick due to anxiety during my pregnancy with Gianna!

    Big prayers for peace coming your way!

  7. My progesterone would dip slightly every time I went in for a blood draw. It never ever rose. It was at 60 after my first injection and then kept dropping. After the first trimester I stopped getting blood draws b/c it was expensive but I cont. to receive injections/suppositories. I think as long as you cont. the PIO your body will know what do. God has you close.

  8. I have no information, but I'm praying for you. You have doctors monitoring you and plenty of people praying for you, so try not to worry too much about it.

  9. I have nothing brilliant to help here but wanted you to know that' I'm praying for you and the baby!

  10. Thinking of you and praying for you, your hubby, Clara, and your unborn baby!

    May I ask you a question? Do you really think that diet and exercise makes a difference in being able to conceive? Or not?

    This weekend my hubby is finally taking me to the St. Gianna Shrine in PA! I can't wait to go! I am so excited!!

    Could you please pray for me? I feel very sad and discouraged right now, like I will never be able to conceive. I feel almost that I've been abandoned by God. If you could pray for me, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you so much!!


  11. I have followed your blog silently and said many a prayer for you and your family. I gave birth to my first child 4 and half months ago. I took progesterone shots my entire pregnancy. My levels never got over 40 and I delivered a health baby girl. I was like you and worried the whole time and the nurses kept telling me it was okay. One thing that they told me that helped was to remember that is the level you are producing with out the supplement. Your level with the supplement is closer to what the graph shows. Hope this helps. Hang in there and keep praying.

  12. I have a similar but different experience than you in that I couldn't afford the injections. It's what my OB originally wanted for me, but when I was told that they were $800 ea. (with insurance), I about choked! He prescribed oral prometrium and, really, I think it was more for my peace of mind than anything. It definitely helped me to think that I was doing something tangible to save my baby.

    That being said, after my 6th month I asked him how necessary the prometrium even was at that point and he said it really wasn't. I stopped taking it (it was still expensive) and my faith grew that much stronger trusting that GOD would be the reason this baby made it, not drugs, not anything I could do.

    Aside from the fears of family members and criticisms of my MIL, I walked with my head held high. I had faith in God and in my OB. And you know what?! I have a healthy 10 month old son, who is the result of a little prometrium and a whole lot of FAITH!

    Hugs, I know it may not be reassuring since my situation is different, but I hope you find comfort that a momma with a history of losses could be redeemed, and set free from the "infertile" world!


  13. Me me me. My prog has sucked this pregnancy. It was 30 FOREVER and then it jumped to 50 finally at 19 weeks. I was told it jumped late last time too. It went down the most recent time to 43 I believe. It has been a mess. That is my opinion. But Dr. H says it is fine and I am still on the half dose 100mg/ML twice a week and I figure it is proof they aren't worried b/c they haven't raised it. Prog was all over the board with my son and he is healthy as can be. It's a funny thing,b ut I try not to care about it after 12 weeks. Also, I was supplemented 36 weeks iwth my son and swore I would deliver as soon as I went off it, thinking it was keeping him in there all that time. And yet, at 41 weeks my water broke. So there you go. :) I say worry when Dr. S worries.

  14. I think I told you this before, but my progesterone never rose above 30...somewhere in the second trimester they stopped measuring it b/c my OB said the placenta had taken over and there was nothing wrong and they thought I was crazy for worrying....said that low progesterone would not cause a 2nd trimester loss and that there was so need to measure it. Needless to say...everything turned out fine :)

  15. Hey Karey! I just found your blog because I'm 17 week preggo and have been getting POI injections twice weekly, (plus progesterone tests every other week). There hasn't been a huge change in my levels as of late and when I got my reading this morning from my doctor I flipped out a bit! I took comfort in the fact that you have three healthy babies and knowing that I'm just being a bit on the crazy side. I can't help but worry! It's just in my genes. :) How did things turn out from here, if you don't mind me asking?

  16. Thanks so much to you ladies for posting your comments. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have been getting progesterone injections every 3 days at 100 mg since I was 4 weeks pregnant. For the first month I was getting 200 mg 2x/week. My first 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage and seeing all the successes on here has really eased my mind. It looks like I'll be continuing on them for at least another month if not the entire way. I hope everyone is well!