Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick story

Just a quick little story for you about something that helped to lift my mood the other day.

It was an observation that was made by a sweet little girl. She's so adorable, in fact, that I just had to let you see her before telling you this story, so you know just what to picture when you hear what she said. So, this is her in a previously-unaired video clip from our adoration documentary interviews. She's talking about her little brother:


This didn't make it in the movie, but I love it! And just look at that face! (She had actually just lost her front tooth minutes earlier)

So picture her (referred to as G below) as you read this conversation she had with her mother, a dear friend of mine, as told to me by her mother:

"We were driving around today and from the back came G's voice, totally unprompted: "You know Ryan and K. Nobles and how they would love a baby? Well, I really think they would be the best parents. I mean Ryan is so friendly and easy to know and he really, really likes kids and that's good! And K., well, she's just... She's perfect! They would be perfect parents to someone."

So precious (I know, I might be biased since she thinks I'm perfect!). I just think it's so fascinating that she was even thinking about us, especially because we haven't seen her in a really long time. And it's no surprise that it came just when I needed it most! 

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. Love sweet G and love this! And it's true,by the way. You and Ryan would make THE BEST parents.

    PS: I'm going to email you about your previous post. :)

  2. out of the mouths of babes! children have a way of just SEEING things. Of course you'll be the most wonderful parents! I can't wait!

  3. Too cute! And I love the post with the video/ad about adoption. I uploaded it to my blog too! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I have a crazy week ahead of me, but I hope we can chat again soon. :)

  4. She is the cutest little girl! I love that she thought of you guys out of the blue and said those sweet things! What a little darling!!! :)

  5. what a cutie! and i agree 100%, you and ryan are going to be fantastic parents! ;)

  6. Adorable! Children are very perceptive. I can see why she made your weekend!

  7. It's funny...every so often you realize that children see not only things that adults think they'll miss, but things that adults themselves miss. And she certainly called this one right :)

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    And I agree. You are perfect :)

    That is just the sweetest thing. TFS!