Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vacation pics

We are back from the beach. We had a really good, relaxing time. And other than when I posted in the middle of the week, I really didn't get down about infertility the whole time.

If you were to ask my husband, a constant goal of mine is to have a good picture of us taken. Of course, he is more than happy with the many photos of us from throughout the nine years we've been together, but I'm never happy with any. Either I hate the way I look, or he has is making a funny face, or I hate the way I look. We've spent many a time setting up the camera, then running to get in place (that's what happens when you live hours from your friends and family - there's no one to actually take a picture), trying to make it look like we just happen to be taking a candid shot. And, big surprise, it never works. So I was determined to come away from this vacation with some good, frameable photos of us, especially since my dad has a new camera and is really into photography. I also hoped for some of me and my sister, but she has a blinking-at-the-flash problem and has forbid me from publically using any of us. So here are some of me and my husband that I find acceptable. I could only take pictures on the last day due to my second-degree burns on my face (which, oddly enough, you can't even see!).

The last one is my little Goddaughter. She had just mastered swimming under water earlier that day.

I actually ruined a bunch of photos because I'm a big dork and decided to use the advice of a DMV worker. When I got a new license a year ago, the woman taking my picture had this elaborate way to get me to pose. She had me stick my neck out, past the point of what I think will look silly, she instructed me, because, trust her, it won't. Well it worked and I did not have a double chin in my license picture. Actually, I like the picture so much that I have yet to get an ID in my new state (that and the fact that I keep saying I'm going to lose weight before I go - those pictures are so permanent!). I think I'm actually breaking the law at this point. Anyway, I decided I needed to stick my neck out in nearly all of my vacation photos and, big surprise, I look like I'm sticking my neck way out (I'm kind of doing it in the middle photo up there). After a while my sister pointed out that I probably shouldn't listen to posing advice of a DMV worker. I guess I should just pay better attention the next time I watch America's Next Top Model.

I also did a little bit of spring blog cleaning and made one of the vacations pics my blog picture, since we were wearing sweaters in the old photo. Lately I have felt rather warm when I looked at the winter one. Now I'll feel cool and breezy. I'll almost hear the waves.

So a little bit of news on the infertility front. I have officially been accepted in the PPVI thyroid malfunction study. I had a letter in the mail when we arrived home today that was basically a long, numbered list of instructions. At the end it gave final instructions to call one of the nurses at PPVI with any questions, otherwise call the Omaha pharmacy where your prescription has been called in and the pharmacist is awaiting your call. I thought for sure the next instruction was that the letter was going to self-destruct. It seems like it's going to be kind of confusing. I've got to take the medication every twelve hours, as close to the minute as possible, either one hour before or two hours after eating, and I have to take my temp and pulse five times a day. Ah! Confusing! I'm not good with keeping track of things. To be honest, I had to make up some of my temperatures and pulses from the first round of testing because I kept forgetting. I know I can't do that now. I guess I can always set an alarm on my cell phone.

On Thursday night we met up with our best friends from NY who were also on vacation in the same location. I was updating my friend, the wife, on my infertility situation, and she thinks she might have the same thyroid problem. For anyone who doesn't know, it's called Wil.son's Synd.rome, and is basically a hypothyroid condition that is unable to be detected by blood work. Dr. Hilgers thinks this condition exists, and may have something to do with infertility I suppose, but it is controversial. For instance, the Am.erican Thyr.oid Asso.ciation (or something like that) has taken the official stance that it isn't a condition. The great part is that its symptoms are basically anything and everything I complain about healthwise in my life - infertility, fatigue, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, even clumsiness (I trip a lot) and much more. It'd be great if I could fix everything (but what, really, are the odds of that?). I'm kind of nervous about the treatment, though, because there are all these warnings about heart problems and to contact PPVI if you feel a rapid pulse. Well, I often have a rapid pulse (and isn't a slow pulse a symptom of hypothyroidism?) so I'm worried my pulse will get out of control. I guess if that were to happen, they'll end the treatment.

I'm also awaiting a call from my Creighton educator about my crazy cycle (it's not over yet - I think I'm on day 23). As I posted in my last post, I'm not sure when my peak day was, but there may be a chance it was less than seven days ago, which would mean I could still get a blood draw. We'll see. Either way, I had no clear peak day this month and so my cycles continue to be drastically different from month to month. I'll update when I hear something more - hopefully good news!


  1. you are just so beautiful!!! what great pictures! thanks for sharing! still keeping you in my prayers.

  2. oooh and I see we wear the same medals... a miraculous medal and St. Gianna (if I could see properly from the pictures!) How fun....
    I'll pray for your womb to be filled with a child in the time that God intends...perhaps you could pray that I meet a the good Catholic man that God intends for me? I would be abundantly grateful.

    ok, enough comments!

  3. I will definitely pray for that for you (as I have in the past). And I will do so this week as I say my novena to St. Gianna leading up to her feast day!

    I'm glad you liked my pictures, and yes, those are the medals I wear. How funny that we both wear them! I also have a St. Gerard that I switch in from time to time. Three is just too many at once!

  4. What a good looking couple!!
    It looks like ya'll had a great time and by the time this pic was taken, you were sporting a pretty nice tan!

    The thyroid study sounds interesting, perhaps it can provide some more answers?

    I am glad you were able to take some time out from the stress of infertility and enjoy yourself with family. That is what we are planning to do in late May and I think that by then we'll really need the break.