Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just needed to rant

I know I'm coming a little late to this party, but I now feel the need to comment on the pregnant woman who has been grabbing headlines as the "pregnant man." (I wonder how many infertile women looked at the headline last week and thought, "Oh, great.") I am not even going to get into what that child may think when he or she learns they came down their father's birth canal, or how I personally feel about using a turkey baster to create the pregnancy. No, I am simply annoyed by one thing. As an otherwise healthy woman whose reproductive organs don't seem to be working, I am so tired of hearing that a man was able to conceive. It's like pouring salt on my wound (and this is coming from an infertile woman whose testosterone levels are high.. actually, should this give me hope?). For the record, she's not a man. She's had no surgery and still has all her lady parts, so it's a little nuts to dub this a miracle (now me getting pregnant, that would be a miracle). I understand the concept of respecting someone's wishes and calling them by the pronoun they believe fits them, but when it comes to discussing that person's pregnancy, let's refer to their gender from a medical standpoint, please. Media, I am talking to you.

Okay, sorry to rant. Speaking of the media, I heard on the Discovery channel today a wonderful little stat that just brightened my morning - the fact that 250,000 babies are born each day. A quarter of a million! In one day! Hearing that stat really made me realize how absolutely commonplace pregnancy is, and how that is what our bodies are supposed to do. I know this is all very obvious, but when you are unable to give birth to one of the 91,250,000 babies born each year, hearing how many other people are able to isn't exactly fun. I mean, millions upon millions of women are trying their darndest to not get pregnant right now!

Here's an example of how bad it has gotten for me.. It's one thing to see babies everywhere to remind you of your infertility, but has anyone ever looked at a crowd of adults and thought, 'every one of these people were born to a fertile woman'? That's right - I even see adults as a reminder of my infertility. Heck, I am a reminder of my infertility in that my mother was fertile. That's bad. Actually, it's not like I am in a bad place right now. I'm not. These are just some of the thoughts that swirl around in my head on a good day.

As for how my chart is doing, I'm on day 11 and I had three days of spotting following my period. That was a bit excessive, even for me. I had some mucus yesterday. And I just finished my first month of parlodel, which I'm taking for my high prolactin. I'm still taking it, it's just significant because I heard it might take a couple months to start working. Not much else new.

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  1. I have become SOOOO frustrated by this whole he/she pregnancy thing. Seeing the pictures make me so sick when I log onto yahoo to check my email and the picture is right there as "Front page" news. I feel horrible b/c I know we are called to love one another as Christians. The whole thing disturbs me though and is yet another example of how our society views life. Argh.

    Prayers for you. Mary is close to you in in your struggle and will present you to her Son. Cling to her.