Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Been a while

I'm actually on the computer. It's a Fourth of July miracle! 

I've been a little busy lately. I haven't mentioned it yet on here, but I have a job. I've been babysitting a little boy since December and I have him three to four days a week. It's easier than it sounds, though, because it's only during nap time.

Seriously, if I ever doubt God's providence, I just need to remind myself of this. He literally placed this opportunity in my lap right before we found out about Essie. It helps pay for our adoption loan and is DURING NAP TIME, people. I can just picture Him up there, working out all the details. "She won't be able to handle it," says my guardian angel. "Well, then, we'll make it only during nap time," says God.

Luke is the only child that actually sleeps, but we cannot underestimate how much harder it would be if he was awake. Lord have mercy.


We spent a week up north at my parents' house a couple weeks ago. I look forward for months to every visit, and now so do my kids. We count down the days.

We had a great time, of course, and I have to share a few pics. Including this awesomeness...

We try to take one every year and the one from two years ago just may have been printed onto a fleece blanket for my mother, courtesy of yours truly. 

For those of you who read this post, here are two of my kids in front of my grandparents' old house.

We celebrated Father's Day there, and I just happened to take one of my favorite shots ever of the best daddy around...

There was lots of cousin time, which makes it VERY hard to leave.

 And this girl turned SIX MONTHS OLD while we were there. It's just not possible.

Then, less than a week after we left, tragedy struck my hometown.

A flood ravaged the downtown, destroying homes, business and even killing one resident.

This was taken from a road that leads to my parents' house. For those familiar with it, this is SHOCKING.
My parents live on a hill so thank God their home was okay, but my dad's law office was flooded. And cleaning out a flooded, mud-filled basement was a HUGE undertaking. Not to mention he lost all of the old files he stores down there.

Of course it happened during one of four months a year that TV anchors cannot take a single day off (sweeps), and it killed us that we couldn't be there to help. Soooo many people came to his rescue though.

Just some of the volunteers who helped my dad (he is kneeling, all the way to the left)

Please pray for the people of Fort Plain, New York, if you get a chance. They are still cleaning up and many people have lost EVERYTHING. And this is a town where a lot of the people don't have much to begin with. It's heartbreaking.


Switching gears to a much less important topic, but who knows when I'll get back on here so include it I must.

I started a diet six weeks ago.

It was agonizing at first, but I am convinced you can train yourself to make just about any change if you give it two weeks. It actually, surprisingly, took much less than that before I was on the calorie-counting band-wagon.

And if you know me, that is HUGE. I have always shielded my eyes when reading menus at those restaurants who annoyingly post their calories on the menu, peering between my fingers, hoping not to read any numbers. 

But...ugh...I am now one of those people who actually want to see those darn calories up there.

I have lost 14 pounds so far. It works for me because I am crazy obsessed with not going over my allotted calorie amount. I have major accountability with myself for some weird reason. Always have, once I decide to. Not to mention, I keep track on an app on my phone and I love being on my phone, so this is just something additional to check. And it's guilt-free phone use when it's for your health, right?

So why am I dieting? Well, it all started back in May at the gym - where we'd been going two to three times a week since August, believe it or not - when I admitted to myself that I had been faking it. I was walking on the treadmill but not getting anywhere - literally. I wasn't even sweating. I had to know I was wasting my time, but...I was going to the gym! That was major in and of itself! Right??

But, it turns out, stepping foot in the gym, even stepping on the machines and working out for an hour each time, doesn't cause weight loss. You have to actually try hard and push yourself and, yes, sweat.

So, after my "work-out," I stepped on the dreaded gym scale that I had successfully avoided for eight months. You know that number that you prepare yourself for? The one that's so high that you think you can't possibly weigh that much, but you prepare yourself for nonetheless? I weighed more than that. By almost ten pounds.

In fact, I weighed exactly what I weighed when I checked into the hospital to give birth to Luke. And, no, this wasn't baby weight. I had already lost that a long time ago. There was no excuse for this, other than birthdays, holidays, cross-country road trips, and one medication that does cause hunger.

That was that. I downloaded the stupid app on our drive home and never looked back. Come to find out, I was eating a ridiculous amount of calories. The app, after taking into account my weight, work out routine, and activity level, told me it was giving me 1200 calories to consume per day. I feel like I'm on The Biggest Loser. Salads, vegetables, fruit, chicken. Ugh. But I'm lucky because I really conform quickly to a diet if I am on board. And I was, right from the start. I needed my clothes to fit again.

I wear a lot of sweats. I don't often leave the house. But up until recently, when I did have to go somewhere, I would be miserable due to too-tight clothing. MISERABLE. So a diet was a necessity because there was no way I was buying bigger sizes. I already did that in January. And I really, really wanted to stop having to unbutton my pants every time I sat down. Ya, it was that bad.

So combined with eating barely anything, I also committed to working out at least five days a week. And really working out. I discovered recently that actually putting forth an effort will lead you to sweat. Go figure! Makes me wonder what else I could have done with all those hours spent in the gym this past year.

Not surprisingly, the exercise and the eating less became easier every day. The intense hunger was gone after the first week. And I began craving the gym because it meant more food I could eat. And now, because I likes ta eat, I wind up working out six or seven days a week.

Now my clothes are much more comfortable and I shudder to think how tight they used to be if a 14 pound loss makes them finally fit.

Right now all I want to do is have a big piece of pizza. And a turkey sub with lots of mayo. And a big bowl of ice cream with a piece of chocolate fudge cake (and don't let them lie to you - I definitely know of many foods that taste better than skinny feels). But I have actually eaten those things on occasion (okay, maybe not the chocolate cake) because I've learned I just need to burn more calories that day. I will do anything for food.


My little night owl beckons, so off I go (same old story - Luke still doesn't sleep). But I will leave you with a shot of my three from today. They make my heart swell.


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  2. I hate going to the gym, too, if it means treadmills and all that boring stuff, but I love going to Zumba. Have you tried that? It's just shakin' it for an hour and you sweat your buns off! :)

    1. This might sound weird, but I've been going to the gym for a year now yet have not worked up the courage to go to a class! Not one! I'm so intimidated. Although I looked up the calories burned during Zumba the other day and I have to say, it is enticing. I'm sure once I do it I'll wonder what I was waiting for.

  3. We've had horrible flooding in Alberta and it has just devastated so many communities. I will keep your hometown in my prayers.

    I wish I could be your work out buddy, then again you probably wouldn't like me 'cos all I want to do is exercise (so I can eat what I want, it's my diet plan!).

    We need to visit your part of the world again so I can meet Essie, and visit my buddy Clara. Happy 4th of July!

  4. Yay you're back! How awful to hear about the flooding and your Dax's law office being nearly destroyed.

    Ahh I'll be on the diet bandwagon very soon :)

  5. congrats on the weight loss! That is so great! Gosh, your babies are so beautiful even if they don't sleep. Sorry about the flood, how awful!

  6. Glad you are back online!
    cute pictures! Now, we need to see your new 14 lbs less self!! Great job~~

  7. Your crew is so beautiful!

    I started weight watchers the day after I enjoyed my Easter all you can eat buffet :). It's true, the key to weight loss is reducing food intake, not really working out. So depressing, but true. I'm down 28 since starting April 1st, with many more to go, sadly. But babies, hormone cravings, and being tethered to your house will do that! I wish my kitchen were located a few doors down rather than 6 feet from our one family room. Ugh. Keep it up! You're doing great! Lets do this girl!

    1. Wow! That's awesome!! It's funny because pre-diet I would have said I didn't snack that much during the day, being home all day, in my kitchen. But I must have been in denial, because once I had to type it in I realized just how much I was eating. And how the foods I was choosing were soooo bad. And mmmmmm.. buffet. I was just telling Ryan the other day that I literally day-dream of buffets now.

  8. Your kiddos are so cute! Sad to hear about all the flooding in your hometown.

  9. Your kiddos are so cute! Sad to hear about all the flooding in your hometown.

  10. Great photos!!!
    You inspire me to get to working out & eating better. I need to get back to writing things down. Then I give up and quit. I've never added the exercise part to the equation. LOL Yeah. Not the smartest, huh? :-D
    I'm so sorry about your Dad's office! I can't imagine having to go down there to clean it up.

  11. I hate working out so much, ill watch what I eat! Sweating? Ummmm never! Lol. I've lost 70lbs so that is my "I don't need to work out" excuse. The mush tells me something different! Lol

    The outfit e is wearing-those pants-adore!!! The best and cutest pants we own!! Lol

  12. So sorry to hear about the flooding. :( That is amazing about your diet though!! Hubs and I are about to start our pre-vacation diet and it's gonna be brutal.

  13. Your children are GORGEOUS! I still can't believe you have THREE kids! WOW! I am also so impressed with your working out routine - I just can't get into one and I have no commitment to lol!

  14. We had some pretty massive flooding like that in Canada (Alberta) as well. Pretty sad and devastating!

    Check out Trim Healthy Momma, I have just started reading it/following the plan and it is SO easy. And you get to eat delicious but HEALTHY desserts, pizza, etc! It is also a Christian-based book, which is really nice! I have been doing it for almost 3 weeks and it is the easiest "diet" I have ever been on!